About Me

Hi welcome to my blog, I am Mark Shaw A 47 year old Fat Knacker.
Ever since I was a kid I can always remember having a problem with weight and It is all down to the crap I eat and the amount of it.
I have tried all sorts of diets and have finally decided that they are not for me as although they work when I am on them I get fed up of them and just start eating as I did before and put the weight back on.
As I near the big FIVE 0 I have decided that it's time for a life change not a diet change and so far it appears to be working.
Back in June 2011 I stepped on the scales at 16 stone 7llbs that's 231 llbs and as I am only 5'8" tall that's classed as obese.
I lost a few pounds and to keep the momentum  going I started this blog
The blog is fundamentally a diary for me to keep my weight loss focused whilst throwing it out into the public arena for all to see.
Combined with my love of cycling and a new eating regime I am going to travel back to normality assisted by my bikes.
I will try to tell a story of how I do this on my blog my successes and failures, sometimes it might even be interesting to someone, sometimes it will be utter dribble and garbage other times it will be me ranting about something or other, but feel free to pop in whenever you want and feel free to comment on whatever you want I appreciate all comments unless derogatory.......... If you don't like it feel free not to read it I wont be offended cos I don't know you

Below are a couple of pictures of me that I am trying to get away from and I will update them over time to show my progress

This one is me on the 25th June 2011

This is me on Holiday in Spain last July 2010