Friday, 24 April 2015

Back in the saddle !!!!

If anyone is still reading this I'm back on my bike..

Just over two years ago I stopped riding my bike,s I kinda lost my nerve, I fell off my bike one night riding home nobody's fault but mine and ended up breaking my ribs, that coupled with not being in the best place in my life at the time I sort of gave up on things. However I'm glad to say I'm in a much better place and life is good.

I have started to ride my bikes again and am thoroughly enjoying it. I have done a few commutes to work ( hard work indeed ) and a few pootles around where I live.

I probably won't be blogging as much as before but I will try to publish something every so often, if anyone out there is interested if not I will just read it back from time to time.

Here's a few piccies of my 11 mile jaunt yesterday in the sunshine


  1. Good to see you back Mark. I need to get back to posting regularly too. Where were the pics taken?

  2. Thanks Peter, pictures were taken around warrington I was sandwiched between the river Mersey and the Manchester ship canal. It was a nice ride and somewhere I've never been before.