Saturday, 20 October 2012

Why I cycle

I got my spoke fixed yesterday so rode my GT road bike to work today.

At 6.30 am I set off from where I park my car near to the Lymm hotel and started up the sharp hill that goes for about 200 yards I had a nice steady climb and had anyone been watching me they probably would of thought I was Bradley Wiggins on the ascent of the Tourmalet, what goes up must come down and at the top there is a 200 yard descent where I just touched 24 mph the weather was a touch damp but not raining a nice autumnal morning with a few leaves on the ground.

I carried on along towards Trafford and pass over a small roundabout which drops down and you can maintain the speed along the road which at this point is a lovely buttery smooth surface, I shot along the flat at around 22 mph as a car waited at a junction for me I could see he was impressed by the speed and agility I was displaying..

From here I hit the quite country lanes for a few miles and the day was just waking up and getting a little bit lighter and you could hear the birds beginning to chirp and things rustling in hedgerows as you pass by, bidding good morning to another cyclist heading the other way I carried on.

From here I head through Altrincham and over the level crossing at Navigation Road train station where the barrier was down but gave me a chance for a breather and drinkas the tram passed then on into Timperley and Bagley.

Then it was under the M56 and around the roundabout with a distinct smell of diesel and a lovely rainbow trail all the way around, here I am an urban commuter staying upright on the slippery surface.

As I come off this roundabout there is a slight rise in the road where I usually feel the lactic in my legs so I ease off here for a few pedals but oh no not today for there it is in the distance......... The rear red blinking flash of another cyclist, I push on now I am Mark Cavendish sprinting to beat my opponent and beat him I do, It doesn't matter that he is an old bloke on a mountain bike with panniers on, what matters is that I won.

From here I get stuck at 3 sets of traffic lights but chance for another drink, I drop down the hill to Gatley nearly at work when I see red tail light number 2 ahead in the distance Cavendish takes over and target number 2 is soon dispensed with, what makes me laugh though is it was the same bloke who must of took the quicker route via the tip which I avoid because there is usually glass all over the road,

A few minutes later I am at work..

All day I feel rough not wanting to ride home chest infection still not cured but I have no option.

But as always once on the bike I am off and the ride home even though I told myself it would be a bimble it is one of pushing and panting and speed.

You just don't get this in a car


P.S. and not a single DORIS all day

P.P.S  Lights on on both trips today summer has gone.

Lights on the GT


  1. Great minds think alike Mark....


  2. Nice writing, nearly felt like I was on the ride myself!! I know exactly how you feel I just wish I could get out more often!