Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Back to the LBS

For those who read my blog regularly, or at least as irregularly as I post it over time you will have realised I am to bike mechanics to what chocolate is in the manufacture of fireguards.

Yesterday I Broke my Whyte again the little pin thing that hold the pads in place in the white thing at the back fell out !!! In other words my brakes broke.

now its something and nothing but I take it to the LBS to fix for a few of reasons 1 I know it gets done right, 2 For what it costs I save 10 times over in not paying petrol to drive to work and 3 If I go to my LBS for lots of little things he remembers me as values me as a customer hence I get a good service.

This picture shows the front brake with the silver pin thing there, the back one there is no silver thing and the pads are loose and scraping against the disc, It probably is dead easy to fix but I let the LBS do it.

27 Miles yesterday and coming back it was 13.5 miles of wet rainy riding.
I recently bought some Aldi winter gloves for £5 and was going to write even though they were only £5 that they weren't that good in comparison to previous years I have bought them as this year they have a lining in which if you don't remember to keep hold of when taking your fingers out the gloves it comes with them making it a bloody nuisance to get your hands back in when you come to put them back on.
Anyway yesterday they redeemed themselves a bit cos after 13.5 wet miles my hands were still dry and warm even though the gloves were wet through. I think time will tell with these I shall keep you updated on this fascinating subject ( if I remember ) over the next few winter months.

Untill next time Happy Cycling

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  1. Some good thinking there on reasons to take the bike into the LBS Mark....
    The thing with the Lidl items is that sometimes you get a bargain and sometimes you don't....problem is you only find out after the purchase!!!