Monday, 8 October 2012

At last.

Well at last for what is somewhere betwenn 3 to 4 weeks because of this bloody chest infection I have still got, today I finally got back on my bike and went for a ride.

I don't think I can ever remember being ill for such a length of time before and I STILL HAVE IT !!!!! It is just not as bad as it was.

So when Tony suggested we go for a ride today I said stuff it and we went. 27 miles round trip stopping off at Red House Farm for a sausage butty.

It was hard work and amazing after just a few weeks off the bike and coupled with I am still not 100 % how fast you lose fitness and I felt those 27 miles today but it was good to get back out on my bike.

I even gave my new Aldi spd shoes their first outing and they seemed ok, I usually just have flat pedals on my Whyte

Just to prove I actually got out Tony obliged and snapped this rare image of me out with my bike

Yep you cant improve on that

And on an even more positive note I have had a letter back from the hospital that following my recent stress echocardiogram there are no symptoms to represent underlying coronary artery disease, I havent heard how the others went yet but from that I am taking it that all is well........................... Phew


  1. I get chest infections and it takes all my courage just to go cycling after one as you spit up the chunks etc lol - Fair play to ya!

  2. Really pleased that you managed to get out on a ride Mark.....

  3. Peter ~~ thanks I know what you mean, nice blog by the way I have added you to my list.

    Trevor ~~ cheers it was good to get back out