Monday, 10 September 2012

Today I beat Wiggins and Cavendish

Yes today folks I beat Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish in fact I beat the whole peleton of the Tour of Britain . How did I do this amazing feat , well it was easy , my commute to work this morning  took in part of stage two of the tour so around 0630 hrs as I cycled along the same road as the tour would come along about 7 hours later in Lymm, I was technically 7 hours in front, but I didn't see any crowds gathered for me ?? this upsurge in British cycling is all a bit of a myth I think.

I sat down on my settee to watch the first stage last night on ITV 4 which was on at 8 pm after the Vuelta ( its great this having cycling on TV) I was really looking forward to it but unfortunately I woke up with a stiff neck at 9.05 pm having missed it all, that's early's for ya.

Anyway 27 miles today following on from 123 miles cycled last week, ..... feeling good about my cycling.
However the GT suffered another broken spoke today that's 2 spokes in it's 600 mile life. I may have to speak with the LBS about this

And one other thing ( It's a bit jumbled this post cos I'm knackered) I am now back able to publish pictures after my slight technical hitch, so here is a picture of my GT just cos it looks good hung up at work ......Pre broken spoke .....

Anyway I'm off to bed now earlies again tomorrow but will have to use my Whyte . As I type the rain is lashing down so I may have to use the car but I hope the rain stops.

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  1. As you say Mark.....still looking good.