Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Being Single,cleaning & some photo's

No not my flat , I do that once every 6 months if it needs it or not !

Cleaning my bike I mean that is what I have done today being off work

Below is also a picture of what you can do if your single without anyone complaining to you

Yes you can leave your bike in your living room whilst you go to the LBS to get your spoke fixed. Looking back although I have done almost 70 miles since Doris knocked me off last week it is probably that that weakened my spoke so now it's fixed hopefully I wont have to do another for some time ( watch this space )

And here is the GT all nicely cleaned and lubed and spoke repaired ready to go again

I got some stickers to stop the cable's from rubbing the frame whilst at the LBS. I try to keep my bikes looking good for as long as I can , but I don't think I will get another white bike.

Stops the cables rubbing the frame.


  1. It does surprise me that most bikes don't come with some sort of cable rub protection. My first two bikes are badly scarred from cable rub. My second two have had protection applied by me before the first ever ride.

  2. My Felt road bike had rubber casings on the cables where they touched the frame and they worked a treat, all the other bikes I have had I have had to put them on , usually though too late after they have just started to rub

  3. I keep some bikes in the house too, maybe why i am single! -:)

  4. My Felt also has those rubber casings on the cables and as you say they do work.....on my other bikes I have done the same as you by using the clear stickers.... Like Toby I am surprised that the manufacturers don't do more to help us keep our bikes looking nice.....


    1. Coastkid ~~ I think you are right I think more of my bikes than "some" people ha ha

      Trevor ~~ I suppose it's as usual all down to cost, my chainstay has protection on so why not where the cables rub