Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I think I am going to grow some sideburns

What can you say other than well done Wiggo .

I think I have spent most of the last week watching cycling on TV rather than riding but it's all been good , Unlucky for Cav though but you cant have it all and the track cycling starts tomorrow with team GB in a good position .

Anyway I'm off abroad again tomorrow for a few days I am taking my two youngest to Caernarfon in North Wales for a few days, my mate Rob has a static caravan he is letting me use so we are off there and if the rain stops I may even get on a beach with them, sadly I am not taking bikes my car will be loaded and the rack I have doesn't fit my car so not much cycling this week either.

See you next week

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  1. Fantastic result for Wiggo and British cycling Mark....Enjoy your break..!