Monday, 13 August 2012

One Direction

I think that is what I need in life , I don't mean the manufactured boy band One Direction I mean One Direction to go in, and at the moment that can only be up.

I am pretty pissed off at the moment with everything, I am worried about all these tests I am having even though they will probably come back that they can't find anything serious ( hopefully ) but you can't help stressing about it,

I have had a few problems with the EX WIFE lately which I wont go into on here just don't sit next to me in the pub or I will bore the arse off you over them.

Life in general has been a bit up and down and not in my normal routine and the last couple of months the weather has been shite on the whole which has resulted in less riding of my bike I am about 450 miles down on last year and this year is a year I wanted to improve on last year !

All this tends to make me return to my usual comfort crutch food and drink I hate to use the term but it's a vicious cycle.

I have been pissed off and angry a couple of times this week and I have gone out and got takeaways , why do I do that ? I said I was going to cut down on drinking and I haven't , why not ? Have I got some self destruct button ?????

My weight is static at 15st 7 lbs and doesn't seem to budge

I need a big fucking boot to kick me up the arse and get back on track.

Moan fucking moan moan moan........... you get the picture

Anyway on a positive note I managed to get out on the bike over the weekend with my two youngest Joe and Billy and we had a ride on the Transpennine trail to Spike Island along the canal we managed 10 miles round trip and I'm glad the boys made it without too much effort, we did get rained on though on the way back and in true dad style I had not taken any coats or anything for them so they did a bit of whinging but on the whole we enjoyed it and Billy is now re-christened Billy Wiggins he just needs to wait about 12 years before he can grow the sideburns.

An estate agent would describe this as a fixer upper 

On the trail

The boys quenching their thirst 


  1. I hope that you find the right direction soon Mark and that things start to come right for you mate...


  2. Oooh. We were just there a few weeks ago. We got rained on too. Life is a bit like that sometimes and it always seems to be raining. In my 20's life wasnt too good. health problems, undiagnosed autistic spectrum disorder in both my kids and other not good stuff. Things have a way of sorting themselves out but it often seems a long time coming. Comfort eating is something I know about.
    Keep trying with sensible eating and cycling as and when you can. Have a look at the Hairy Bikers programme on Thursday, BBC 2 at 8.00pm. My SIL was the biggest one on there and she's now lost nearly 5 sts. Keep going lad.

  3. Thanks for your comments I just hate grey areas in life which is pretty much where I have been for the past 12 months in a big grey area for everything.
    Hopefully I will get these test results back soon and can work from there, and get back to life being black and white , probably with some grey though nowts ever perfect. I know there are always people worse off than yourself
    P.S. I love the new hairy bikers (dieters) programme and will watch with interest on Thursday

  4. Hey Mark. Sorry to read that you're going through some tough times at the moment. It's great to see you taking your lads out on their bikes though - get the next generation pedalling! :-)