Monday, 6 August 2012

I'm back

I'm back from abroad after 4 days in Caernarfon we have had sun. rain. more rain. torrential rain, thunder and lightening more sun and some more rain.
So pretty typical for this time of year then a summer in the UK. I'm from Manchester so I am used to it.

Caernarfon  Castle

However we did manage to go the beach, catch crabs ( off the quayside) eat ice cream, paddle in the sea, eat fish and chips, fly a kite, drink beer (me) climb a hill, skim stones have a BBQ, and have a general good time.

Here's Billy my youngest  proving we did go to the beach, although I do make him walk 5 paces behind me wearing a Liverpool shirt !!! What do you expect .

Busy week ahead I have to have a blood pressure monitor fitted today and removed tomorrow the a heart scan on Wednesday and back to work.

Why can't life just be one big holiday


  1. Nice to see your picture of Caernarfon castle.....reminds me that in about four weeks time I will be cycling past that on my ride between Holyhead and Chepstow the Lon Las Cymru route....

  2. Sounds good Trevor I keep lusting after a trip on my bike never seem to get time though. I fancy venturing into a bit of cycling and camping but I need to get some gear together so far I have the rack for the back of my Whyte ha ha

  3. Hi Mark, I've had the 24 hour blood pressure monitor test before. When they got my results, they asked me what did I do between 7.15 and 7.45 as my blood pressure was at its lowest.I replied "cycle to work". I have to take tablets to control it now, but its the rest of life that raises it!

    1. Robin your right if only we could avoid the rest of it at times !