Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Why would you drive ?

Remind me again as to why anyone who had the choice would chose to drive a car rather than cycle to work??

Today was a stunningly sunny day and it was actually illegal to drive a car today .

I have commuted the last two days covering 59 miles yesterday was on the Whyte along the trail but oh dear it is apparent the kids have finished for summer and it was littered with Doris's but never mind as we hadn't had rain for at least several hours and the puddle's have dried up and I did't even get my bike dirty so that was good.

Alas I have to drive tomorrow though, sometimes where I work and the necessity for a quick shift change from time to time mean I have to use the car or get about 4 hours kip between shifts . I like cycling but not to that extent so Wednesday and Thursday are unfortunately car days Humph !!!!!

Here's today's other random picture as I cycled close by Manchester airport today, the runway is just behind the tree line.

Just about to land 

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