Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Twang !!!!

I have had a few days off work and have been trying to get out for a decent ride but as usual weather is crap and raining, Tony my mate mentioned we should try Tuesday he was on late's and had checked the forecast which said it would be sunny so we agreed to get a morning ride in. and his pal from work Steve would come too

Woke up Tuesday ---- Rain .

Anyway it eased off a bit so we set off it was on and off but on the whole stayed off thank god and we got in a decent 41 mile ride to Delamere forest and back

Tony and Steve

Tony has got a garmin sat nav and we went a route we had done before but I for one would never remember in a month of Sunday's they are a pretty useful bit of kit , even though I am not much of a gadget man I do fancy one , anyway where was I
Oh yes we got some nice quite country lanes and along the way Tony broke a spoke on his back wheel obviously as he is such a fat arse  and we arrived 20 miles on at the cafe on the train station which is better than the one in Delamere forest itself and had a welcome bacon butty.

Tony the incredible bulk  hulk 

Suitably refreshed we set off back and got about a mile up the road TWANG !!!!

The combination of my fat arse and a pothole and I broke one too so we both had to limp home with our brakes open which was really fun in some downhill spots as it was damp and just a front brake on road bikes but we made it safely

This is one of my favourite spots on the ride ( Do you think the people that live in this house are truly happy having to put up with this eyesore every morning they open the curtains ? )

Me and Tony 
This is why I wanted a black bike but they guy in the shop assured me white is the new black for 2012, Yeah right !!!

Something to clean

Anyway a top day was had but back to work tomorrow


  1. Even with a black bike the muck is still there Mark.......

  2. I know it just doesn't show so much ha ha