Monday, 9 July 2012

I felt alright before I went in !

It was an odd day to go but I got a phone call last week asking if I could go to hospital on Saturday for my ECG on a treadmill so off I went.
I was wired up like a robot and connected to a blood pressure monitor and was set off on the treadmill after the test I saw the consultant doctor who went through everything with me
Basically this is what he said............. Your blood pressure is slightly high but when you exercise it goes through the roof...... you are overweight ......... and you drink too much and your cholesterol is high..........Your ECG  appears OK but there are a couple of blips I cant explain
1  I have been given tablets for blood pressure
2  I need to lose weight
3  I need to cut down my alcohol
3  I need to have a 24 hour blood pressure test
4  And most worrying I have to go for a heart scan

I felt OK when I went in I felt like shit when I came out.!!!

Anyway food is going good compared to how it has been, my weight is coming down and I have reduced my red wine level to nil ( for the time being anyway).

Gotta go back in 2 months to see them again, I suspect by that time if I were to turn sideways they will have trouble finding me !!

Also got to tell you about a book recommended by fellow blogger who scribes the folding bike blog it is called One man and his bike by Mike Carter . It is the tale of Mike Carter who decides to cycle the British Coastline, it is very good and had me laughing out load on occasions. I do like a good cycle adventure book.

A very good 27 mile commute today on the GT but in that drizzly rain what wet's you through !


  1. Hey, I just started following your blog the other day (I found you through The Fat Guy's blog). Hope you get these issues figured out, I've had some not-so-fun doctor's visits myself lately.

    - Michael

  2. Cheers Michael and thanks for reading my humble blog.

    I am sure I will sort these issues out once I shed some more weight and sort out my lifestyle to a more healthier one !