Wednesday, 4 July 2012

12 Months

WOW It's 12 months since I started this blog and what a 12 months it has been, some good some absolute shite. However I'm still here talking garbage and still lighter than last year and still cycling so all in all I can't complain ( well I can but nobody listens to me anyway ) and in those 12 months there has been just over 10,000 hits to this blog, I know some blogs get 10,000 hits a day but I am humbled that in 12 months people have read what I have said over 10,000 times
Thank you to all who read it and to those that comment on it I appreciate it and at times it is some of those comments that have kept me going when times have been hard so thank you all.

This month I have stepped up my sensible eating and plan to ride more, I wanted to ride 600 miles this month , now as most of my riding is by means of commuting and I can clock up 90 + miles a week doing this 600 miles to me is achievable, although I have never achieved it yet !
What I did forget though is that I had booked a week off work and I can't for the life of me remember why so you can imagine last week when I realised I was off this week and didn't know about it I was well chuffed, but I think I will set my target for July at 450 miles instead of 600
As I am not commuting I had planned to go out and give my GT some good trips out, but as usual with this British summer the weather keeps getting in the way, Yesterday I sat at home looking out the window waiting for the rain to come as it looked like it was about to precipitate it down and it never did and I could of gone out.
Today it looked the same so I thought stuff it I'm off.

Off I set but on my Whyte as I wanted to do a good ride but along some towpaths towards St Helens a route I did a few weeks ago with my mate Rob, I got on the canal and within about a mile I was covered in mud from numerous puddles that were strewn along the way. at about mile 2 it started to rain not heavy so I thought I would plough on and see how things went.
I had to cross the railway line where these signs are, I am so glad they are there as I wouldn't have a clue what to do otherwise !!

Well the rain came harder and I decided as I wasn't too far from home that I would head back and go to the Gym but as I got closer to home yep you guessed it it stopped raining, so instead of getting back on the canal  and getting even more muddier I decided to head off in a different direction. towards St Helens and made my way to Dream I love this sculpture and if you go when the weather is not at it's best you usually get to see it by yourself I find it quite spooky

It was this point I tried out one of those energy gels that I had bought ages ago it was supposed to be Rhubarb and custard flavour but it was bleedin awful how people use those I will never know I am just glad I also had a banana with me to take the taste away.

I set off back and the heavens opened and I was like a drowned rat by the time I got home.
Not as far as I wanted to go but still managed 20 miles so not too bad.


  1. Happy first birthday for your blog.....Here's to the next year..


    1. Cheers Trevor 1 year and I didn't even have cake !