Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Why would you drive ?

Remind me again as to why anyone who had the choice would chose to drive a car rather than cycle to work??

Today was a stunningly sunny day and it was actually illegal to drive a car today .

I have commuted the last two days covering 59 miles yesterday was on the Whyte along the trail but oh dear it is apparent the kids have finished for summer and it was littered with Doris's but never mind as we hadn't had rain for at least several hours and the puddle's have dried up and I did't even get my bike dirty so that was good.

Alas I have to drive tomorrow though, sometimes where I work and the necessity for a quick shift change from time to time mean I have to use the car or get about 4 hours kip between shifts . I like cycling but not to that extent so Wednesday and Thursday are unfortunately car days Humph !!!!!

Here's today's other random picture as I cycled close by Manchester airport today, the runway is just behind the tree line.

Just about to land 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Friday, 20 July 2012

And the winner gets ????

Bugger all for guessing if I rode to work on the road or I went on the transpennine trail

Looks like I have shat myself

Splattered legs

That's not a sun tan 


Have you guessed yet ???

With my GT wheel still not fixed ( can't get to LBS till Monday ) I blew the dust off my Whyte and have done 50 miles commuting over the last two days.
The weather being as per usual we have had rain and rain on the trail means puddles but so what it really is good riding a bike so stuff it I got covered in crap but really enjoyed it.
Even tonight riding home I was a bit tired so I just sat up a bit clicked into a lower gear and trundled my way home.

It is always faster than walking

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

ooops !!!

Quick update got a text off Tony today his darling wife put his clothes in the washer today including his Garmin Sat Nav.

Being single has some benefits

It is now good for nothing ............ and I shall say no more

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Twang !!!!

I have had a few days off work and have been trying to get out for a decent ride but as usual weather is crap and raining, Tony my mate mentioned we should try Tuesday he was on late's and had checked the forecast which said it would be sunny so we agreed to get a morning ride in. and his pal from work Steve would come too

Woke up Tuesday ---- Rain .

Anyway it eased off a bit so we set off it was on and off but on the whole stayed off thank god and we got in a decent 41 mile ride to Delamere forest and back

Tony and Steve

Tony has got a garmin sat nav and we went a route we had done before but I for one would never remember in a month of Sunday's they are a pretty useful bit of kit , even though I am not much of a gadget man I do fancy one , anyway where was I
Oh yes we got some nice quite country lanes and along the way Tony broke a spoke on his back wheel obviously as he is such a fat arse  and we arrived 20 miles on at the cafe on the train station which is better than the one in Delamere forest itself and had a welcome bacon butty.

Tony the incredible bulk  hulk 

Suitably refreshed we set off back and got about a mile up the road TWANG !!!!

The combination of my fat arse and a pothole and I broke one too so we both had to limp home with our brakes open which was really fun in some downhill spots as it was damp and just a front brake on road bikes but we made it safely

This is one of my favourite spots on the ride ( Do you think the people that live in this house are truly happy having to put up with this eyesore every morning they open the curtains ? )

Me and Tony 
This is why I wanted a black bike but they guy in the shop assured me white is the new black for 2012, Yeah right !!!

Something to clean

Anyway a top day was had but back to work tomorrow

Monday, 9 July 2012

I felt alright before I went in !

It was an odd day to go but I got a phone call last week asking if I could go to hospital on Saturday for my ECG on a treadmill so off I went.
I was wired up like a robot and connected to a blood pressure monitor and was set off on the treadmill after the test I saw the consultant doctor who went through everything with me
Basically this is what he said............. Your blood pressure is slightly high but when you exercise it goes through the roof...... you are overweight ......... and you drink too much and your cholesterol is high..........Your ECG  appears OK but there are a couple of blips I cant explain
1  I have been given tablets for blood pressure
2  I need to lose weight
3  I need to cut down my alcohol
3  I need to have a 24 hour blood pressure test
4  And most worrying I have to go for a heart scan

I felt OK when I went in I felt like shit when I came out.!!!

Anyway food is going good compared to how it has been, my weight is coming down and I have reduced my red wine level to nil ( for the time being anyway).

Gotta go back in 2 months to see them again, I suspect by that time if I were to turn sideways they will have trouble finding me !!

Also got to tell you about a book recommended by fellow blogger who scribes the folding bike blog it is called One man and his bike by Mike Carter . It is the tale of Mike Carter who decides to cycle the British Coastline, it is very good and had me laughing out load on occasions. I do like a good cycle adventure book.

A very good 27 mile commute today on the GT but in that drizzly rain what wet's you through !

Friday, 6 July 2012

Things are going good apart from .........

Apart from all this bloody ........RAIN !!!!!!!...........

This is British summertime at it's best this year we are into July and after having a very wet June it still hasn't stopped raining,
Yesterday was glorious though all day but I had stuff to do so rather than go on a long ride which I have been trying to do I settled for the gym instead but as it was so nice last night I got out on my GT and did 11 miles ( in just over 30 minutes ! ) by my reckoning that is just around or just over an average of 20 mph phew...
On getting home it started to pour down ??? I just made it in time to save another soaking.

Today I was planning to get my long ride in but awoke to this view out of my window

More bloody rain and it's forecast for more rain all weekend ...........great

Anyway on another note food is going good I am back on sensible eating cutting out crap like cakes biscuits and sweets and having smaller portion sizes and despite not much riding I have been feeling the burn down the gym and as a result I am back down to 15st 6 lbs ( 216 lbs ).
I am now under 15 and a half stone next target is to get back under 15 stone
here goes.................

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

12 Months

WOW It's 12 months since I started this blog and what a 12 months it has been, some good some absolute shite. However I'm still here talking garbage and still lighter than last year and still cycling so all in all I can't complain ( well I can but nobody listens to me anyway ) and in those 12 months there has been just over 10,000 hits to this blog, I know some blogs get 10,000 hits a day but I am humbled that in 12 months people have read what I have said over 10,000 times
Thank you to all who read it and to those that comment on it I appreciate it and at times it is some of those comments that have kept me going when times have been hard so thank you all.

This month I have stepped up my sensible eating and plan to ride more, I wanted to ride 600 miles this month , now as most of my riding is by means of commuting and I can clock up 90 + miles a week doing this 600 miles to me is achievable, although I have never achieved it yet !
What I did forget though is that I had booked a week off work and I can't for the life of me remember why so you can imagine last week when I realised I was off this week and didn't know about it I was well chuffed, but I think I will set my target for July at 450 miles instead of 600
As I am not commuting I had planned to go out and give my GT some good trips out, but as usual with this British summer the weather keeps getting in the way, Yesterday I sat at home looking out the window waiting for the rain to come as it looked like it was about to precipitate it down and it never did and I could of gone out.
Today it looked the same so I thought stuff it I'm off.

Off I set but on my Whyte as I wanted to do a good ride but along some towpaths towards St Helens a route I did a few weeks ago with my mate Rob, I got on the canal and within about a mile I was covered in mud from numerous puddles that were strewn along the way. at about mile 2 it started to rain not heavy so I thought I would plough on and see how things went.
I had to cross the railway line where these signs are, I am so glad they are there as I wouldn't have a clue what to do otherwise !!

Well the rain came harder and I decided as I wasn't too far from home that I would head back and go to the Gym but as I got closer to home yep you guessed it it stopped raining, so instead of getting back on the canal  and getting even more muddier I decided to head off in a different direction. towards St Helens and made my way to Dream I love this sculpture and if you go when the weather is not at it's best you usually get to see it by yourself I find it quite spooky

It was this point I tried out one of those energy gels that I had bought ages ago it was supposed to be Rhubarb and custard flavour but it was bleedin awful how people use those I will never know I am just glad I also had a banana with me to take the taste away.

I set off back and the heavens opened and I was like a drowned rat by the time I got home.
Not as far as I wanted to go but still managed 20 miles so not too bad.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The better deal

I have just dropped off my eldest lad ( Ross 23 yrs ) in Heaton Park as he is off with another 70,000 people to watch the Stone Roses whilst I settle down to watch ITV 4 highlights of stage 1 of the Tour de France.

Can;t help thinking I got the better deal

Come on Wiggo