Saturday, 23 June 2012

Whats with all this rain ?

Well I have finally finished working in Manchester and I am back to normal working, Thursday was my first proper day back and I had planned to commute by bike , I was on a late but the weather swayed me.
I don't mind riding in the rain and if I am on a ride and it rains then it rains so be it, but Thursday was rain of monsoon proportions and for me that is just a no brainer and I drove, Friday and Saturday are both 2 am finishes and it was still precipitating down and with stuff I need to do Sunday its the car again.

However     some good news   .................. Drum Roll .................

After a whole month of waiting it's finally and not before time as it's long overdue ( yeah yeah that's enough suspense I hear you say ) arrived !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes folks my voucher for my new bike is finally here in and is in my grubby little hands.
The LBS have had the phone call this morning and are awaiting my grand arrival on Monday morning to pick up the new steed and bonus is I'm off Monday Tuesday so hopefully this rain will have stopped and I can have a nice healthy test ride.

Updates to follow next week stay tuned for the next exciting episode


  1. Lets hope that it stays dry for the 'maiden ride'.
    Everyone seems to be getting new bikes...Time I was talking myself into adding to my stable I think..!!


  2. It's easy once you convince yourself