Tuesday, 26 June 2012

It's second hand now

Well folks the weather this morning was sunny so I donned my shorts and shirt for the GT 's maiden trip

Prepped and ready for the off

I headed off with the intention of riding over to Tatton park which is a 40 miler but as I have not really been on my bike for about 3 weeks I decided I would shorten that a bit so decided to head on over to the Lavender Tea barn near Dunham Massey and fill up on beans on toast for the return journey.
The weather was great nice and sunny and warm and the GT seemed to zip along at a nice 17/18 mph.
I reached the tea barn about 11.30 and decided to press on as it was too early for lunch.

Obligatory picture of my bike against a gate 
Most of my ride was along country lanes and it is a long time since I have ridden for pleasure with nowhere particular to go, although cycle commuting is pleasurable I had forgot how good it is just to get on your bike and ride.

Lycra legs what can I say ??
A most pleasurable day and I even got used to my clipless pedals again except for one mishap in Lymm where I was too lazy to unclip and was waiting for a car to pass from the left as I was turning right I moved out to the middle of the road to turn and as it passed another car came leaving me waddling around in the middle of the road trying to stay upright whilst this 2nd car passed much to the amusement of another passing cyclist who realised what I had done, we both nodded at each other as cyclist's do and I managed to keep upright and carry on.

A very pleasurable 31 miles in total and I got back home just before the rain started.

The GT and Whyte tucked up together awaiting their next trip


  1. Nice to read of the maiden ride...and you didn't get it wet.....!!


    1. Cheers Trevor, It's got wet now though ha ha maybe white wasn't the best colour choice but hey ho