Friday, 8 June 2012

Is this Manchester's answer to the Boris Bike

Working In Manchester this week I saw this new addition outside Piccadilly train station. Is this Manchester's answer to the popular Boris Bike used extensively in London

From when I have been in London the Boris bike seems pretty popular and well thought out.

However these little chaps are brand new Brompton's a much better bike but I would imagine harder to maintain and what happens when you get a puncture ?

A good idea but time will tell

Full of brand new Brompton's I hope they are fastened down well 


  1. What;s the deal there then? Are you able to pay to borrow one for a spell and return it another dock somewhere else? I hope that they are chipped/GPS tracked somehow!

  2. It looks like you have to register before you can take one, there are different tariffs for frequent and less frequent users. I presume when you register they take all your details ie home address etc, don't know if they are chipped or tracked and I haven't seen any other docking stations but there again I haven't looked.
    It is run by virgin trains I am pretty sure they have the bases covered otherwise you could get a nice shiny brompton for £4............. !! I will have 2 please

  3. I hope i'm wrong but I don't see them being around for long.