Monday, 4 June 2012

How very strange ?

I woke up this morning after yesterdays rain to something very strange. A Bank holiday Monday and it wasn't raining !!!!!!!!

My mate Rob had asked last week if I fancied a ride out over the weekend so today was the day. Rob said he would come to my place for 1 pm so in typical Rob style he arrived at 1.25 pm and off we set.

We set off along the Transpennine trail but decided to branch of and headed off at a tangent along Sankey Valley Park which runs along the canal in Warrington

Robs white whyte and my black whyte next to an old dry dock.

Now today I appear to of lost all sense of hand and eye co-ordination that combined with a simple fact of forgetting to pedal when I set off I fell off my bike fortunately as I wasn't peddling I wasn't going to problem.
Of we set again with Rob taking the piss out of me we followed a path that I had never been down before which came out near to Burtonwood this is when we had to drop off a tiny edge to get around a post YEP you guessed it incident number 2. I read on a blog the other day something about cycling that made me laugh it simply said " If you don't want to run it over don't stare at it".
Now why can't I write stuff like that however that is just what I did I dipped down off the edge and stared at all the rough grass at the side of the path and wallop straight into it, another low speed one though so after wobbling like a true learner driver I got myself back on course.
We continued along the canal towards Newton-le Willows home of the mighty Rick Astley under this Viaduct I know it is a viaduct because as we were trying to decide if it was a viaduct or an aquaduct a train went over it

It must be a really big ladder to get up there and write your name on it

From here we carried on into St Helens along the canal passing weirs

St Helens has a history of mining which obviously links with the canals for transport and we passed several reminders of these past days

An old mining cart

Some sort of lifting device

We went onto Carr Mill dam from here and ended up with a 24 mile ride somewhere I have never been before but will go again, the weather was good and me and Rob talked some shit so a good day was had
However not before incident number 3 as I got off my bike I got my shorts stuck on the saddle !!!!!!!!! and I fell off again

Carr Mill Dam



  1. Three falls in one day - are you trying to set some kind of record Mark...!!


    1. I think a bank holiday Monday with no rain got me all confused