Friday, 29 June 2012

The Elephant in the room

What a great saying this is The Elephant in the room . If your not familiar with this term either click on the link which will explain it better than I can or for those of you that don't want to. my explanation of it is how you can ignore a big issue or problem and pretend it's not there.

So today I am going to talk about my "Elephant in the room"

I started this blog last year and it is a diary of my journey from 16st 7 lbs ( 231 lbs ) back to normality using my bike (s) .

My regular readers will know that last year I went from 16st 7 lbs (231 lbs ) down to 14 st 7 lbs ( 203 lbs ) a loss of 2 stone . This was accomplished by eating sensibly and plenty of cycling.

My regular readers will also know that In September last year my life hit somewhat of a brick wall when my marriage hit the rocks and went tit's up. I started smoking again and I think stress from all this assisted with some of my weight loss.

In November last year after being somewhat transient I moved into a flat/apartment/condo whatever you want to call it and my diet went back to eating crap and my red wine and beer consumption went up.
A lot of this was due to stress and not coping very well and some of it was because of being a lazy bastard and some of it was related to giving up smoking ( yet again) which I can tell you was not easy whilst my life was in turmoil but of all things I was determined not to smoke. I haven't smoked now for 8 months and don't intend to start again.

So my Elephant in the room you may of noticed is that I haven't been posting my weight on this blog as it has slowly been creeping up and last week I re-hit 16 stone ( 224 lbs ) just 7 lbs under where I started from.

So I need to get my arse in gear and sort this out.

Why will this time be any different ?


A few months ago I started having chest pains nothing major but it felt like my lungs were aching I didn't have it all the time but was getting it more and more, that coupled with a few weeks ago I had a cough that went on for weeks so I thought right off to the doctors.
The doctor gave me an x ray of my chest which has come back clear and an ECG again which has come back clear and he has also taken blood and tested for all sorts .

Nothing indicates why I am getting chest pains but my doctor is sending me for an exercise linked ECG where you have to go on a treadmill whilst wired up just to make sure there is nothing wrong with my Ticker.

I personally think the pains are related to the stress I have been under but what do I know,

Also my blood tests have come back with high cholesterol mine is 6.7 and apparently it should be around 5, at least this has come down from last time I had it done it was 7.9 !!!
The doctor said he would start me on some tablets for this, now not being a tablet kind of chap I asked if there was anything else that could be done and his reply was simple " YES LOSE SOME WEIGHT"

So the Elephant in my room has given me a bit of a shock I need to get my arse in gear and lose weight.

Today I weighed in at 15 st 9 lbs so that's 5 lbs lost this week

I have come to realise that you only get the one life and the one body You have got to look after it because once you break it it can be pretty hard to fix

This week I have ended the week on 91 miles
July will be a much better month for cycling and weight loss


  1. I can completely relate. I started at about 300lbs, got down to just under 200, then was back above 240. I'm back at it again, and in the mid-230s.

    It's hard. We can't give up.

    1. Your right David giving up only leads to one place and that's weight gain which just gets totally out of control. cheers

  2. You lost it before and you can do it again....You have that nice new shiny bike to do it on too..!!


    1. Cheers Trevor I am going to give it some gip this month trying for a 600 mile month, nothing compared to your mileage but for me that would be a personal best, I just fell short of it last year but now my arse is in gear and we shall see what happens, just wish it would stop bloody raining lol

  3. Acid Reflux can give you chest pains mate. I had the same thing when I was a fattie. It affects the "larger" person so the specialist told me when I had my chest pains a while back. Might be worth mentioning next time you're seeing a Medic.

    As for the weight thing, fitness isn't a destination, it's a never ending journey...I know.

    1. Hi Clive good to see your still around, I will mention that next time I go the doc's cheers, I have to go back in 2 months to check my cholesterol again and my platelets which where low ??
      Re the weight thing you are right it has to be a life change thing for good once you stop it just goes back on.