Monday, 25 June 2012

All shiny and new

Here it is I picked it up this morning , why are things so good when they are all shiny and new ?

I was hoping to get a good ride on it today but after I had fiddled with it adjusting the saddle height numerous times and swapping the saddle from the stock crappy one ( one of the places bike manufacturers save on money ) and adjusting the handlebars to my liking and swapping over and fitting my clip less pedals it was nearly lunchtime, and having a few things to do today as well I just managed a quick 6 mile blast.

I forgot just how fast road bikes are and compared to my Whyte this is like a flying machine although I think my Lycra has shrunk since I lost had it on !!

First impressions are good and I was soon used to the thin tyres again, the gear shifters however are different from my last road bike my Felt which were incorporated in the brake levers. On the GT they are behind the brake lever on a separate paddle for the up shift and the down shift is a button on the outside of the brake lever instead of the inside and I presume with practice I will get better at it but on this initial ride I kept catching the down shifter button , but other than that I am impressed.

I am just praying it stays dry tomorrow so I can give it a proper test ride or I will have to fit one of these, now I don't know what you think but I think it ruins the aesthetic lines of the bike slightly

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