Thursday, 3 May 2012

Stuff ??

That's what my kids say to me when I ask them what they have been doing today........ Stuff !

I think Stuff is a collection of everything they have done that day that wasn't particularly that interesting to tell anyone about IE got up had breakfast , went to school, did work, came home had tea and went to bed = STUFF.

I think in April I did STUFF.

Bloody hell where did April go ?

I haven't really blogged in April and looking back it is because I haven't really ridden my bike that much in fact I have done a pathetic 95 miles in total in April,

Well what have I been up to ,
Life has been pretty busy I have had a few problems with my life in general or more my X wife constantly changing her mind about things and me never knowing where I am up to with her but looking back that's nothing new and I have decided to try and not worry about things I can't change.

Diet ~~ er well yes moving on folks nothing to see here.......   My Diet on the whole has not been too bad but it could of been better, my weight is static at the moment being just under 15 1/2 stone and it seems to go down a few pounds then go back up again but on a positive note I am still just over a stone lighter than last year (1 stone = 14 lbs)
I really need to focus more on this but as usual life has been getting in the way from time to time. (ahem excuses excuses)

Exercise ~~ Surprisingly even though I have hardly been cycling my exercise has been pretty good, I joined a gym in February with the intention to go to the gym the days I don't cycle I have found especially with the weather being crap in April I have driven to work more but also I have been a bit of a gym slave and there is seldom a day I don't either gym or bike, and the bonus side of the gym is there are some lovely ladies to look at .

Cycling ~~ I have given myself a cycling kick up the arse especially after realising I was spending around £50 a week on fuel driving to work and this week I have cycled the 3 days I have been at work totaling 76 miles in 3 days ( nearly the same amount I cycled in April)

Not good stuff ~~ During April a friend of mine has been diagnosed with lymph cancer and it doesn't look good, I am going to see her next week but it is one of those things I am not looking forward to she is 44 and has 4 kids, but I will leave that one there for now

Speeding ~~ Got a speeding ticket in my car 39 mph in a 30 some people say my car did well to get to that speed ha ha .I agree with speed limits and know I am in the wrong but when you get a speeding ticket its like being stung by a wasp. I have been offered a speed awareness course instead of points which costs me £75 nice.... Its my own fault I know I know. At least any anti-cyclists reading this blog can no longer shout at me "You don't even pay road tax"

Bikes ~~ I had an email from the cycle to work scheme regarding the final payment on my Whyte my options were I could make a final payment of £165 and the bike is mine or pay £45 and rent it for another 3 years,or give it back after having paid them £384. This is a change from the first bike I got on the scheme my felt as the final payment for that which was a more expensive bike was just £45 not £165 and I will think long and hard if I were to get another on this scheme It appears the government saw an opportunity to get more tax back, true there is no initial outlay and you pay monthly but you can also do that on a 0% credit card and probably get a discount on the bike which you can't get on the cycle to work scheme.
I thought the governments thinking of this scheme is people who did it got a tax break and in the long term saved the NHS money as they were much fitter through cycling , but as usual with politicians they say one thing and do something else, you just can't trust any of them be it Labour, Conservatives or Lib Dems in my opinion. I am no expert just an ordinary bloke in the street

Anyway that's all for now I promise to try and post more but got to go now and clean my flat whoopeee and Im picking my boys up from school today and we are having a boys tea ...... Sausages mmmmmmmmmmmm.


  1. Sorry to read about your friend Mark - I hope that her situation has a good outcome. I was lucky and recovered from cancer, but it is something that you constantly think about.
    I must say that I agree with your observations regarding politicians.They give you something with one hand and then when you are not looking take it back again - I wouldn't trust any of them!!


  2. Trevor ~ good to hear you recovered from cancer, I lost a good friend to it about 14/15 years ago now when he was aged 39 yrs and had everything to live for, I still wonder what he would be doing now if still alive he was a person who really inspired me. I just hope and prey my other friend will be OK.
    And as for those bloody politicians who knows where to put that X