Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A quick update

Every 9 weeks the way my shift pattern works allows me to put in 18 hours leave and I get 7 days off Wednesday  to Tuesday inclusive and today is Wednesday !!!! YES !
Only problem is the sun appears to of gone after the last few blistering days we have had but this is England after all and as it is the Queens Jubilee weekend and a bank holiday on Monday and Tuesday next week which are my normal days off with my shift pattern so I also get two days in lieu .

I am taking my Whyte down to the LBS today for a service after just short of 3000 miles on it the gears need adjusting and a few other minor things need looking at,

Also I sold my Giant yesterday and it appears to of gone to a good home and should get ridden which I didn't do a lot of on it, I needed to sell it to make room for my new road bike which I should get in a couple of weeks depending how fast my Cyclescheme voucher takes to come through

My mate Rob text me last night asking if I fancied a ride over the weekend so hopefully should be able to fit that in I have a busy weekend I am playing football Saturday its only Lads and Dads for the team my son Joe plays for then I have Joe and Billy on Saturday night boys night in with Pizza no girls allowed then taking them fishing on Sunday ,

I know its early but hope everyone has a good Jubilee bank holiday weekend see ya next week


  1. Hi Mark
    The new bike looks nice, I can't comment on the lycra though. I cn only judge how I look when my wife says "your not going out looking like that are you" I still do, but its not a good look even on Mark Cavendish really. I like you had no idea as to what brifters were, I was too embarrassed to ask, so you got an answer for both of us. I like Steve Martins site, and look at it regularly, he has an amusing way of writting. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Cheers Robin, yes a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra ) is not always the best look but you have to do it it's the law !!!
    Re the brifters it's funny how things have different names over the pond, have a good weekend

  3. Hi Mark,

    Great blog and UK based as well - double win! The cycle scheme is brilliant and I wish more people knew about it.

    Cheers :-)

  4. It is good I'm on my 3rd bike on it now although the final payment isn't as good as it used to be it still works out cheaper.