Friday, 4 May 2012

Quality goes a long way (hopefully)

Yesterday I was off work and got the chance to give my Whyte a bloody good clean which was well overdue, the weather was good so I got to it and it is now all shiny and lubed up again.

I noticed though that the Kenda tyre that has been on the back wheel, after 2400 miles is starting to show it's age it's a combination of mileage, my fat arse and too many skids ( don't ya just love disc brakes) It's not worn out but at the stage where it will start to pick up punctures so time for new.
Because of my previous purchases on lights I decided to go for a quality tyre that will last, so off I went to the LBS and purchased myself a Schwalbe Marathon Plus

They aren't the cheapest tyre but I'm hoping to get a lot of miles out of it you can pick them up for about £24 of the internet but I prefer to support my local LBS when I can , It was £30 in the LBS but he did it for me for £28 so just £4 more than the internet and I got it today without having to wait for it to be delivered and then delivered when I'm out and then having to spend £2.50 on fuel to go to the post office depot to pick it up.

Here is my Whyte all cleaned , lubed and new tyre fitted ready for it's next outing

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  1. Good long distance tyres the Marathon Plus....
    My mate JD has them fitted on his touring bike and he swears by them. (I run the Schwalbe Marathon Kevlars on my tourer)