Friday, 25 May 2012

Phone bike ? phone bike ? phone bike ?

Do you know when you go somewhere to do something and you end up spending money that you didn't anticipate spending ?

Well that's what happened today.

I went to Widnes to take an umbrella of my mum's that was broke back to where I got it from for her, to exchange it.

 After this as it was a nice sunny day I had a wonder around and as my mobile phone contract is coming to an end I was having a look at what I could get I fancy one of those fancy I phone's or Samsung Galaxy;s, my phone at present is a 2 year old nothing fancy nokia but it works.

I pay at the moment about £15 a month but these new things are all around £30/35 a month to the uneducated that's around £15/20 a month more expensive than I am paying now and what do I do with a phone ? well I call people and send texts which is what my phone does now, I also discovered I can get the same minutes etc on pay as you go for £10 a month which is another £5 a month cheaper so that's in theory £25 dearer for a new fancy shiny phone, if your still with me so far on this one ? 

What else can I get for £25 a month ???

that's a £500 bike on the cycle to work scheme.................... SO what did I do ?????????


But it was more than £500 !!!!!!!!!

Looks like I will have to dig out my Lycra again 

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