Thursday, 24 May 2012

Phew ........

Well my 3 day working week is done off now till Saturday, I cycled on Monday in lovely 18 C, but due to having to go to an early meeting on Tuesday that I didn't find out about till Monday it meant a quick changeover of shifts and I had to work an early on Tuesday so I drove. However Wednesday was back to an afternoon shift so I cycled again and all I can say is PHEW........   24 C.

Yes 24 C and It's only May honestly this was taken in England in Altrincham at around 2 pm.

Long may this sun continue, My arms are already showing the makings of this years cycling tan !


  1. Yes cyclists tan is starting to return. Don't you just love those sharply defined tan lines...!!


  2. Yep you never look odd when you wear shorter shorts or T shirt,s than your cycling ones lol