Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Not new anymore

I have worked 3 of the last 4 days but had the bank holiday off.
I cycled all 3 days I worked and my new tyre is now second hand after covering 75 miles.

On Sunday travelling to work along the trail at around 0630 am I saw about 40 rabbits and travelling back around 4.30 pm with it being a Sunday of a bank holiday and sunny there was around the same number of Doris's on the trail ~~~~~ Yes I rang my bell so you could perhaps move over so I could pass, Or yes I rang my bell so you could perhaps grab the 6 dogs you are walking off the lead !!!!!!!!!! Ah well I suppose the trail is for everyone but I never see these people on it at 0200 am on a freezing February morning.. It must just be me who is that mad.

A second hand tyre


  1. I just love Schwalbe marathon plus tyres. My DH and I did the who
    E of the north sea cycle route, nearly 3000 miles without a puncture. On the 3 day shakey down trip we had 3 punctures in 3 days. We are coverts to marathon plus.
    Brenda in the Boro UK

  2. Hi Brenda they are good tyres I had them on a bike a year or so ago but sold the bike and only did about 500 miles on them if that,I shall be getting another for the front when that wears out. and I shall look forward to many many miles on them.