Sunday, 27 May 2012

It's just different but better by bike

I have commuted by bike the last 2 days and boy have they been hot ones 28 C .........

I have been on earlies over the weekend and yesterday I hit the trail at 0615 am , now I am just used to having the trail to myself at this time in the morning especially on a weekend for the 5 miles I do on it, but not this Saturday I saw another 4 cyclist's and a dog walker I think the weather fetches them out.
As I got on the trail another bloke on a bike was in front of me he lasted a mile before slowing and I whipped past him and left him for dust, he must of been trying to beat me I think.

As I come off the trail I have to pass over a train line governed by train barriers at Navigation Road in Altrincham and as ever they started to flash when I approached and I had to stop, as I did a lady pulled up alongside me and as I said good morning to her I noticed she was on a flash Bianchi road bike, the barriers changed and off we set I set a good pace and took the lead, from here I head into Timperley and there are 2 or 3 ways to go I headed my usual way and as I got to the main lights I saw her on her Bianchi ahead of me, she must of gone the other way and beat me. I set off when the lights had changed and slowly caught her, now I'm being a bit  rude here cos she was somewhat of a fat bottomed girl not that I have anything against that I wish only it was blocking my sunlight so I overtook her ( maybe someone should make a song out of that ).

This is actually her

As I did I heard the clunk of her gears and within the next 200 yards she came past me I was doing a respectable 17 mph on my Whyte but that was that, all I saw was her fat bum heading off into the distance not an unpleasant sight I will add, maybe she has a blog and is blogging about some pot bellied bloke trying to race her on his hybrid and how she blew me out the water !

Today again was a scorcher but I had to be in work a bit earlier today so hit the trail at 0545 am and situation normal there was just me on it today all 5 miles to myself, although I had to take precautions at one point as the picture below explains

Now I know the trail gets busy when the sun comes out but I have never seen a Lorry on it ?

About half a mile further up I saw a bird take off and land in a nearby tree at first I thought it was a big fat pigeon but as I got closer I saw it was some kind of bird of prey I don't know what it was but it was effin big it wasn't a kestral it was much bigger and as I got closer it took off again and I noticed it had a mouse or something in it's talons it flew right by my head and it was like one of those nature programmes on the BBC where the camera looks like it is flying along with the bird and I must say I shit myself !! it was massive I braked to a stop and it flew off I swear it looked me in the eye and considered dropping the mouse for a moment and taking me, just leaving my bike on the floor in a pile of dust with the back wheel still spinning.

You just don't get this stuff when you drive to work , which sadly I have to do tomorrow .

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