Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A quick update

Every 9 weeks the way my shift pattern works allows me to put in 18 hours leave and I get 7 days off Wednesday  to Tuesday inclusive and today is Wednesday !!!! YES !
Only problem is the sun appears to of gone after the last few blistering days we have had but this is England after all and as it is the Queens Jubilee weekend and a bank holiday on Monday and Tuesday next week which are my normal days off with my shift pattern so I also get two days in lieu .

I am taking my Whyte down to the LBS today for a service after just short of 3000 miles on it the gears need adjusting and a few other minor things need looking at,

Also I sold my Giant yesterday and it appears to of gone to a good home and should get ridden which I didn't do a lot of on it, I needed to sell it to make room for my new road bike which I should get in a couple of weeks depending how fast my Cyclescheme voucher takes to come through

My mate Rob text me last night asking if I fancied a ride over the weekend so hopefully should be able to fit that in I have a busy weekend I am playing football Saturday its only Lads and Dads for the team my son Joe plays for then I have Joe and Billy on Saturday night boys night in with Pizza no girls allowed then taking them fishing on Sunday ,

I know its early but hope everyone has a good Jubilee bank holiday weekend see ya next week

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It's just different but better by bike part two

Back on the bike today for my early morning commute weather nice but a bit colder this morning and I had to put my arm warmers on on the way in.

As I rode in this morning I forgot and left my mobile phone in my rear jersey pocket so I put it in my shorts which has a zip pocket but when I tried to zip it up it was being awkward as only zips can be from time to time, not wishing to stop peddling I did something I haven't done for about 25 years I rode no handed and put my phone away, I never ride no handed anymore and I was a bit wobbly at first but it soon came back and I was immediately 11 years old again on my raleigh olympus 5 gear racer riding round the estate I used to live on in Hyde, it's funny how things and memories transport you back in time.

About 5 minutes later I saw a bloke riding towards me and as I really am the person who should of gone to specsavers he was hard to make out at first and as he got closer I saw he was riding no handed and I thought to myself not only is he riding no handed but the flash bastard is only texting !!! but no he wasn't as he got even closer and I could actually see him I saw he was on a giant unicycle on the trail and had his hands in front of him. Bizarre !!!!!!!! all I could muster was a "Morning" as if it was normal as he unicycled his way past me !

I tell ya the things ya see.

A quick google search came up with this which is pretty much what it was like, I ain't gettin one though

Sunday, 27 May 2012

It's just different but better by bike

I have commuted by bike the last 2 days and boy have they been hot ones 28 C .........

I have been on earlies over the weekend and yesterday I hit the trail at 0615 am , now I am just used to having the trail to myself at this time in the morning especially on a weekend for the 5 miles I do on it, but not this Saturday I saw another 4 cyclist's and a dog walker I think the weather fetches them out.
As I got on the trail another bloke on a bike was in front of me he lasted a mile before slowing and I whipped past him and left him for dust, he must of been trying to beat me I think.

As I come off the trail I have to pass over a train line governed by train barriers at Navigation Road in Altrincham and as ever they started to flash when I approached and I had to stop, as I did a lady pulled up alongside me and as I said good morning to her I noticed she was on a flash Bianchi road bike, the barriers changed and off we set I set a good pace and took the lead, from here I head into Timperley and there are 2 or 3 ways to go I headed my usual way and as I got to the main lights I saw her on her Bianchi ahead of me, she must of gone the other way and beat me. I set off when the lights had changed and slowly caught her, now I'm being a bit  rude here cos she was somewhat of a fat bottomed girl not that I have anything against that I wish only it was blocking my sunlight so I overtook her ( maybe someone should make a song out of that ).

This is actually her

As I did I heard the clunk of her gears and within the next 200 yards she came past me I was doing a respectable 17 mph on my Whyte but that was that, all I saw was her fat bum heading off into the distance not an unpleasant sight I will add, maybe she has a blog and is blogging about some pot bellied bloke trying to race her on his hybrid and how she blew me out the water !

Today again was a scorcher but I had to be in work a bit earlier today so hit the trail at 0545 am and situation normal there was just me on it today all 5 miles to myself, although I had to take precautions at one point as the picture below explains

Now I know the trail gets busy when the sun comes out but I have never seen a Lorry on it ?

About half a mile further up I saw a bird take off and land in a nearby tree at first I thought it was a big fat pigeon but as I got closer I saw it was some kind of bird of prey I don't know what it was but it was effin big it wasn't a kestral it was much bigger and as I got closer it took off again and I noticed it had a mouse or something in it's talons it flew right by my head and it was like one of those nature programmes on the BBC where the camera looks like it is flying along with the bird and I must say I shit myself !! it was massive I braked to a stop and it flew off I swear it looked me in the eye and considered dropping the mouse for a moment and taking me, just leaving my bike on the floor in a pile of dust with the back wheel still spinning.

You just don't get this stuff when you drive to work , which sadly I have to do tomorrow .

Friday, 25 May 2012

Phone bike ? phone bike ? phone bike ?

Do you know when you go somewhere to do something and you end up spending money that you didn't anticipate spending ?

Well that's what happened today.

I went to Widnes to take an umbrella of my mum's that was broke back to where I got it from for her, to exchange it.

 After this as it was a nice sunny day I had a wonder around and as my mobile phone contract is coming to an end I was having a look at what I could get I fancy one of those fancy I phone's or Samsung Galaxy;s, my phone at present is a 2 year old nothing fancy nokia but it works.

I pay at the moment about £15 a month but these new things are all around £30/35 a month to the uneducated that's around £15/20 a month more expensive than I am paying now and what do I do with a phone ? well I call people and send texts which is what my phone does now, I also discovered I can get the same minutes etc on pay as you go for £10 a month which is another £5 a month cheaper so that's in theory £25 dearer for a new fancy shiny phone, if your still with me so far on this one ? 

What else can I get for £25 a month ???

that's a £500 bike on the cycle to work scheme.................... SO what did I do ?????????


But it was more than £500 !!!!!!!!!

Looks like I will have to dig out my Lycra again 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Phew ........

Well my 3 day working week is done off now till Saturday, I cycled on Monday in lovely 18 C, but due to having to go to an early meeting on Tuesday that I didn't find out about till Monday it meant a quick changeover of shifts and I had to work an early on Tuesday so I drove. However Wednesday was back to an afternoon shift so I cycled again and all I can say is PHEW........   24 C.

Yes 24 C and It's only May honestly this was taken in England in Altrincham at around 2 pm.

Long may this sun continue, My arms are already showing the makings of this years cycling tan !

Monday, 21 May 2012

Today was .............

Today's cycle to work was

18 degrees Centigrade
T shirt
The odd fly in my mouth for added protein
Mud free with just a light dust covering my bike when I got to work instead of crap
Puddle less

Is summer here ??

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Do rabbits text ?

It was a lovely ride in this morning still a bit nippy but the sun was shining, the trail was still full of puddles though from recent rain I think I might have to put my mudguard back on till the weather gets a bit more settled to stop me getting the skunk stripe !

Bloody mud gets everywhere

I wrote the other day there were about 40 rabbits on my ride in, This morning    1     Do rabbits text each other  that they aren't coming out and if so did the one I saw either not have a mobile phone or does just nobody like him so didn't tell him ???

Who knows ???

  24 miles today

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Not new anymore

I have worked 3 of the last 4 days but had the bank holiday off.
I cycled all 3 days I worked and my new tyre is now second hand after covering 75 miles.

On Sunday travelling to work along the trail at around 0630 am I saw about 40 rabbits and travelling back around 4.30 pm with it being a Sunday of a bank holiday and sunny there was around the same number of Doris's on the trail ~~~~~ Yes I rang my bell so you could perhaps move over so I could pass, Or yes I rang my bell so you could perhaps grab the 6 dogs you are walking off the lead !!!!!!!!!! Ah well I suppose the trail is for everyone but I never see these people on it at 0200 am on a freezing February morning.. It must just be me who is that mad.

A second hand tyre

Friday, 4 May 2012

Quality goes a long way (hopefully)

Yesterday I was off work and got the chance to give my Whyte a bloody good clean which was well overdue, the weather was good so I got to it and it is now all shiny and lubed up again.

I noticed though that the Kenda tyre that has been on the back wheel, after 2400 miles is starting to show it's age it's a combination of mileage, my fat arse and too many skids ( don't ya just love disc brakes) It's not worn out but at the stage where it will start to pick up punctures so time for new.
Because of my previous purchases on lights I decided to go for a quality tyre that will last, so off I went to the LBS and purchased myself a Schwalbe Marathon Plus

They aren't the cheapest tyre but I'm hoping to get a lot of miles out of it you can pick them up for about £24 of the internet but I prefer to support my local LBS when I can , It was £30 in the LBS but he did it for me for £28 so just £4 more than the internet and I got it today without having to wait for it to be delivered and then delivered when I'm out and then having to spend £2.50 on fuel to go to the post office depot to pick it up.

Here is my Whyte all cleaned , lubed and new tyre fitted ready for it's next outing

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Stuff ??

That's what my kids say to me when I ask them what they have been doing today........ Stuff !

I think Stuff is a collection of everything they have done that day that wasn't particularly that interesting to tell anyone about IE got up had breakfast , went to school, did work, came home had tea and went to bed = STUFF.

I think in April I did STUFF.

Bloody hell where did April go ?

I haven't really blogged in April and looking back it is because I haven't really ridden my bike that much in fact I have done a pathetic 95 miles in total in April,

Well what have I been up to ,
Life has been pretty busy I have had a few problems with my life in general or more my X wife constantly changing her mind about things and me never knowing where I am up to with her but looking back that's nothing new and I have decided to try and not worry about things I can't change.

Diet ~~ er well yes moving on folks nothing to see here.......   My Diet on the whole has not been too bad but it could of been better, my weight is static at the moment being just under 15 1/2 stone and it seems to go down a few pounds then go back up again but on a positive note I am still just over a stone lighter than last year (1 stone = 14 lbs)
I really need to focus more on this but as usual life has been getting in the way from time to time. (ahem excuses excuses)

Exercise ~~ Surprisingly even though I have hardly been cycling my exercise has been pretty good, I joined a gym in February with the intention to go to the gym the days I don't cycle I have found especially with the weather being crap in April I have driven to work more but also I have been a bit of a gym slave and there is seldom a day I don't either gym or bike, and the bonus side of the gym is there are some lovely ladies to look at .

Cycling ~~ I have given myself a cycling kick up the arse especially after realising I was spending around £50 a week on fuel driving to work and this week I have cycled the 3 days I have been at work totaling 76 miles in 3 days ( nearly the same amount I cycled in April)

Not good stuff ~~ During April a friend of mine has been diagnosed with lymph cancer and it doesn't look good, I am going to see her next week but it is one of those things I am not looking forward to she is 44 and has 4 kids, but I will leave that one there for now

Speeding ~~ Got a speeding ticket in my car 39 mph in a 30 some people say my car did well to get to that speed ha ha .I agree with speed limits and know I am in the wrong but when you get a speeding ticket its like being stung by a wasp. I have been offered a speed awareness course instead of points which costs me £75 nice.... Its my own fault I know I know. At least any anti-cyclists reading this blog can no longer shout at me "You don't even pay road tax"

Bikes ~~ I had an email from the cycle to work scheme regarding the final payment on my Whyte my options were I could make a final payment of £165 and the bike is mine or pay £45 and rent it for another 3 years,or give it back after having paid them £384. This is a change from the first bike I got on the scheme my felt as the final payment for that which was a more expensive bike was just £45 not £165 and I will think long and hard if I were to get another on this scheme It appears the government saw an opportunity to get more tax back, true there is no initial outlay and you pay monthly but you can also do that on a 0% credit card and probably get a discount on the bike which you can't get on the cycle to work scheme.
I thought the governments thinking of this scheme is people who did it got a tax break and in the long term saved the NHS money as they were much fitter through cycling , but as usual with politicians they say one thing and do something else, you just can't trust any of them be it Labour, Conservatives or Lib Dems in my opinion. I am no expert just an ordinary bloke in the street

Anyway that's all for now I promise to try and post more but got to go now and clean my flat whoopeee and Im picking my boys up from school today and we are having a boys tea ...... Sausages mmmmmmmmmmmm.