Monday, 2 April 2012

My cycling holiday abroad

Well folks I am back off my cycling holiday me and my mate Tony had 2 and a half days cycling in Wales and we didn't even get our passport stamped at the border, In fact we must of snuck past border control unnoticed ! Now I know Wales is not really abroad but they do speak a different language and all the road signs are different.

I have been to wales numerous times as a kid and an adult (although some say I am still not an adult) but I have never been cycling there I have always gone in the car and I didn't realise just how bloody hilly it is.
In two and a half days cycling we managed just 69 miles but I can honestly say they were probably the hardest 69 miles I have cycled  in my life.

Living in Cheshire which is as flat as a witches tit makes it a shock when you hit those hills I am just not used to them and I have no shame in telling you I had to get off on numerous occasions and push my bike.

Tony has a caravan so we took that and despite looking like an old gay couple we set off on Thursday morning and after stopping at Rhos on sea for a brew

Brew stop on route at Rhos on sea

we drove to Betwsy y Coed where we set up camp in a luxurious 5 star caravan site ( none of this crapping in a bucket for me)

We set off for a 16 mile loop around Betwsy y coed and very soon hit the hills, I had swapped my normal flat pedals on my Whyte for my look keo pedals I had used on my road bike " BIG MISTAKE" the hills were so steep I couldn't get up them and cos my shoes had cleats on I struggled to walk and had to take my shoes off luckily the weather was glorious so I didn't get wet feet, we only managed a 10.8 miler before looping back and finding the pub.

The view from the top over Betws y coed


After swapping my pedals back on Friday we had a ride to Porthmadog this was a killer day at just 32.7 miles it was the hilliest bike ride I have ever ever done but despite the climbing the views were just unbelievably stunning , Tony had mapped some rides on his garmin and they were mostly quiet roads and tracks and this is what made the trip , as with all my pictures just click on them to enlarge cos my crappy phone doesn't do them justice .

Stunning scenery

Tony's fat arse blocking my sun

Me in action

They have some right long names for towns in Wales

A steam train in Porthmadog

A typical Welsh house

A "small" Welsh Oggi it's similiar to a Cornish pasty 

The harbour at Porthmadog

This was like being on the moon

Just stunning

 Mount Snowdon in the middle

This ride took us a total of 25.6 miles to Blaenau Ffestiniog this is a town that appears to in the past had a great slate mining industry which has declined and now there is not much there, Our route took us from Betws y coed over some very hilly mountain tracks and back to the main road with a then 1400 feet climb before descending into Blaenau Ffestiniog for a well earned cup of coffee and a cake, then we climb back the way we came and had a fantastic descent where I reached the fastest I have ever been on my bike 46.3 mph !!!
and the wind was in my face coming down if it was a bit less windy I think I would of gone faster. and this was on my hybrid !

Typical views we had

There were loads of rivers with really clear water off the mountains

What can I say 46.3 mph !

All in all we had a blast, Wales is an absolutely stunning country and I shall be going back cycling there again.


  1. I have never cycled in Wales before. But I often daytrip/camp with my folding bike - it's for this kind of trip in particular because it fits so easily in the car, I don't have to put it up on the roof, and can leave it in the car overnight too. And it's great for trails and offroading.

  2. You centainly picked a good week for it. But if you want to avoid hills I suggest you try Lincolnshire next! Nice combination caravan and a Jag.

  3. Chris ~~ folding bikes are great I would love one but don't think I would use it as often as I think I would.

    Robin ~~ The weather was great a bit dull on the Saturday but it brightened up, Lincolnshire sound my place, and the caravan and Jag , you just gotta go with what you got sometimes ha ha