Thursday, 1 March 2012

Stats .................. oh dear

Well I haven't been posting my weight on here for a while now that's because it has been going the wrong way.

My weight had crept up to 217.1 lbs that's 15st 7 lbs in old money. Now that's still a stone down from when I started but virtually a stone up from my lowest.
I know I can contribute some of my weight loss at its lowest to stress but its not where I want to be I need to be lighter after all this blog is about my weight loss as well as cycling so I have decided to post some stats on a monthly basis and here are the stats for February

Weight on 290212                213.2 lbs
Miles cycled in 2012            478
Miles cycled in Feb 2012     304

So   since I started last year I have lost 17.8 lbs in total, my mileage is up as at the end of February 2011 I had only ridden 320 mls and only 67 in February

A good ride yesterday to work 25 miles return and I saw this which caught my eye a sight I wouldnt of seen if had not been on my bike

A flock of JCB.s click to enlarge

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