Saturday, 10 March 2012

Its illuminating or maybe not

I bought another E BAY special light last week ( I know I know I will never learn) but for 12 quid it's not bad, and it came with a rear flashing LED.

It takes AAA batteries so I shouldn't have a problem with chargers like I had with the last one or rechargeable batteries.

It is pretty dam bright and you can adjust the beam for penetrating light or spread it out to see more around you. It has a flashing mode too. These bright lights really come into there own on the trail at night and with being on 2 am finishes this week it was ideal testing time.

My £12 Ebay special
My older lights are OK but when I'm on the trail I can just pick up the outline of the track with them that and having a reasonable idea of which way the track goes stops me ending up in a hedge or fence or ditch, however using a brighter one lets me actually see where I am going. This is all well and good till you let your imagination run away with you .

Last year I spoke to a real life genuine Ghost Hunter !!! who went on to tell me that ghosts are all around us and are usually concentrated where they have died in not so pleasant circumstances, he was telling me this outside an old derelict hospital for people who suffered mental illnesses and he told me that years ago people were badly treated in these kinds of places so there is a large concentration of ghosts in areas such as these.He was doing a study of the premises to do an all night ghost watch and asked me if I wanted to join him and his friends !!  I DECLINED ...

Anyway that night I rode home along the trail and as usual my mind wandered and I half expected all sorts of ghouls and ghosts jumping out at me and I have to ride under a couple of bridges and half expected a body on a rope to drop down in front of me ( I think I am weird) and every so often I think of this whilst on the trail at night and last night my mind wandered back to this, where is this going you say ?

Well having my new sparkly light and also keeping in mind last week when some suicidal animal made me eat tarmac I am now constantly looking whats ahead, on my way home last night I saw 3 pairs of eyes staring at me and numerous things scurrying about that I don't normally see with my old lights........They were probably foxes or cats but they don't half give me the Heebie Jeebies .

Sometimes ignorance is bliss

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