Friday, 9 March 2012

It's changing

I cycled to work yesterday and for the first time this year I could of worn my fingerless gloves and shorts ! however I didn't

Spring is on its way and its getting to the point where you have to commute using two lots of clothes as the weather is warmer on one way than the other.

Bring it on !!!!!


  1. I wore my fingerless gloves yesterday on the bike for the first time this year, although I haven't got back to the shorts yet.
    Always difficult at this time of year to know what will be the most comfortable items to wear......


  2. Weather has been bizarre here. 75F and deadly tornadoes a week ago. Then it got cold and we got 4" of snow. Then it warmed up and rained, melting the snow.

    Today it's 50F and sunny. Mother Nature is an indecisive bitch.

  3. Trevor ~my rucksack starts to resemble a woman's wardrobe at this time of year stuffed with different items of clothing worn only once lol

    David ~Blimey at least we don't get tornado's or anything like here it does sometimes get a little windy though last week I saw a plastic patio chair blow over ha ha