Tuesday, 28 February 2012

You never know what will happen next !!!!

How true this is.

I finished work last night at midnight having parked my car in Lymm and cycled to work along the trail. It had been raining yesterday a bit so rather than getting covered in crap I decided to ride back to my car along the road.
Once I get to Altrincham I then have to take some country lanes instead of the trail.

The weather last night is just how I like it for cycling, damp but not raining no wind and not too hot, for some reason when the road is wet but it's not raining I seem to go faster, maybe that's just in my tiny mind but humour me anyway !

Along these country lanes it is very very dark but I have my lights albeit not my bright one anymore but I have sufficient to see with and I can see cars long before they get near me as they light up the road as they approach.

The lanes are wide enough for two cars to pass and there are hedges either side , As I cycled along I was doing around 15 to 16 mph when from out of the hedge darted an animal I would like to say what it was but I just down know, It was possibly a fox or a dog or even a sheep that had just received the news that it had been diagnosed with the Scmallenburg virus but it was going at a fair old rate of knots, It came from my right, right in front of me and left me nowhere to go, my front wheel hit it and went off to the left somewhere and whatever it was disappeared through the hedge on the other side of the road as my bike went rapidly to the left making a lot of scraping and scratching sounds as it did, I as in all these comedy moments kept propelling myself involuntary Arse over Tit  straight over my handlebars landing on both my knees and my right elbow , and as ever you don't just come to a standing stop from 16 mph I then hit my right shoulder on the ground followed by my head ( thank god I had my helmet on or it would of been worse).

Whilst hitting the tarmac is never one of my favourite pastimes especially at 00.30 hrs on a dark country lane I escaped with a few scrapes.
It is spooky sitting there on the road in the pitch black with your lights shining into the air and your rear LED still flashing at the road, your precious bike lying in the gutter thinking to yourself what just happened ?

I picked myself up and cycled the further 5 miles back to my car swearing and cursing at the fact we have to share this planet with mad crazy kamikaze animals.

My scuffed right knee

My scuffed right handlebar
I will live to fight another day


  1. Glad that you were not hurt too badly.
    I hit a deer once as it shot across the road. I did a good impression of Superman flying through the air but luckily was unhurt...my front wheel however seemed to adopt the shape of a pretzel.


  2. Ouch!

    I haven't hit an animal yet, but I've had some close-calls with deer. My friend Tim calls them tree rats.

  3. Just missed a small dog last summer, but had to brake so quick my riding partner crashed into me and she went down and scuffed her knee. I was fine. Glad you're "basically" ok.

  4. Trevor ~~ A deer would scare the hell out of me , I cant believe my wheel didnt buckle whatever it was I hit it straight on.

    David ~~ The annoying thing is it was going that fast I have no idea what it was, I must of broke its ribs though or at least injured it in some way.

    Dummy Diva ~~ I didn't even have a chance to brake I just hit it at the speed I was travelling.