Friday, 10 February 2012

Tempting fate ??

I hope not

I don't often get a visit from the p****ure fairy as I tend to keep good tyre's on my bike and keep them well inflated, that and having pretty wide tyre's anyway tends to keep her away.

But the other morning as I cycled to work in the bitter cold my fingers hadn't warmed up and there was no feeling in them, I got to thinking what would I do if I got a p****ure now I am 3 miles from my car and just over 9 miles from work It's dark and very cold on the trail. I wouldn't be too pleased and would have to just crack on and fix it in the dark or at least have a lengthy walk to somewhere a bit lighter either way by the time I had done that and repaired the p****ure my fingers would be effin freezing. What if I got a puncture in the same place going home around 2.30 am some nights ?

So I have invested some of my hard earned cash £3.49 to be exact on this ......................

hopefully I wont have any need for it soon but you just remove the offending article from your tyre connect this to the valve and fill the tube with foam. At least I can then get home or to work and change the tube at my leisure somewhere warm.


  1. I hope that after not spelling out p***ture on three occasions in your post - the fact that you then spelt it in full when you consider the chances of getting one at 02.30am isn't tempting fate anyway....Ha Ha.

    You are certainly right about keeping decent and fully inflated tyres on the bike as a way to keep the p***tures at bay....

  2. I'd like to know how that stuff works, but I hope you don't get a flat just so you can tell me. (-:

  3. Doah !!! I've gone and said it now I will let you all know how my foam works soon I guess !

  4. Changing a tire when the temperature is 25 degrees BELOW freezing is no fun whatsoever (I speak from painful experience).

  5. There is nothing worse than not being able to feel your fingers because of cold