Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Stig of the dump

That's how I felt when I got to work today, I am on afternoons this week and after a morning of around -3 C this  jolly part of the world warms up ever so slightly around the time I go to work, this is not usually a problem but when you travel along the Transpennine trail what happens is the top 2 inches of the trail turns into a mud type slush type bog and it's like cycling on wet sand

Here's my feet after about a mile

And just for measure here's the other one

Lovely and this is the state of my bike when I got to work

There is a front  derailleur under there somewhere.

This is me when I took my glasses off lol

Anyway 26 miles done today 1 mile further than normal as I opted for the road on the return journey. I couldn't bear any more mud today.

I have just started a new book that gives me no reason to complain about the weather anyway its called " Cycling home from Siberia" the author Rob Lillwall cycled 30,000 miles from Siberia back to the UK in a journey lasting 3 years and I am just reading about him cycling in minus 30 C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN CAMPING OUT IN A TENT OVERNIGHT !!!!!!

I bet he couldn't get up the transpennine trail without getting muddy though.

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  1. Its beyond me why anyone would want to cycle in such cold conditions. I hate it in the average UK winter, I never want to go skiing for a holiday, why would you want to go somewhere colder than where you live. It sun for me please. I bet its a good read though! You need bigger mudgaurds.