Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Helmets ?????????

Managed the commute yesterday and stayed on two wheels, my shoulder is sore though.

After Monday nights tumble I have been converted I can remember my head hitting the floor pretty dam hard and at the time I thought thank god I was wearing my helmet, as sometimes I don't.

If I hadn't been wearing my helmet I know it would of been a lot worse, there would of been blood and I would probably been knocked out or at least suffered a lot more pain.

Couple that then with it being 0030 hrs pitch black on a country lane with me lying on the floor possibly unconscious and around the corner comes a boy racer doing 60 mph in his souped up fiesta.......... SPLAT !.

I will now always wear a helmet.

I know there is a debate for and against, and I know that if a articulated HGV decides to drive over you a helmet wont save you , but what I do know that if you hit your head on the ground at around 10 mph it will hurt.

I am not trying to convert anyone but from now on I shall wear one, if you don't that's fine but I AM.

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