Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

As I cycle I have said before I ponder, some of the things I was pondering today other than how expensive cheese is and will I ever win the lottery or who is destined to win the league between Man City and Man Utd ( probably the one with the most money.......... City it is then ) was what title I could give my next post then for some reason into my head popped the title of the film The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Don't ask me why it did but it just did sometimes all sorts pop in there and sometimes it is empty for days on end !
but today I thought that would be a good title.

So I got to thinking what was good and bad for me and came up with the below

1 Well I am reasonably good health with no major ailments other than being a fat knacker
2 I have 4 healthy children ( 2 from my first marriage and 2 from my last marriage)
3 I have a roof over my head and work and can pay my way in life
4 Even though the past year has been pretty crap I now feel in a more positive place than I have done for a good few months and have more better days than shite ones
5 I have my cycling back on track
6 even though my weight has been going up I think ( hope) I have got back into some sort of groove and it is starting to come back down. to assist this I have joined my local Gym and regularly have been feeling the burn on days I don't cycle.

1 I still have some crap days but less crap ones than good ones as above
2 My life is not where I want it to be or ever envisaged it being but that's up to me to change it
3 I have really bad luck with bike lights
4 Red wine isn't free on the national health
5 Cheese is really expensive

And Finally


Well there can only be one thing for this category and its me at 7 am after riding to work

I'm told I have a face for radio and sometimes I can't disagree


  1. Don't we all look like that at 7 am Mark...?


  2. trouble is I look like that for the rest of the day ha ha