Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Buff n Gloves

Well I have been back at work last week and am into week 2, cycling is going OK but food consumption isn't I just don't seem able to get myself back eating properly I think some of it is due to boredom eating as I now live alone I think I am eating for something to do ! Frustrating. and the weight isn't coming down and this morning I was back to 15st 3 lbs. bollox

The weather this last week has thrown everything at me and last Friday was the wettest I think I have ever been on my bike I rode to work for a 4pm start and it was throwing it down not just raining but pouring down, the cars as usual were being driven by Doris and it was dark and as I wear glasses all I ended up being able to see was red tail lights and a foggy misty view I had to revert to riding on the pavement come cycle lane at times as I didn't feel safe on the road, but the surface is really bumpy so I don't usually use it

Today was brass monkey weather and for the first time I wore my Ski-ing gloves that I bought from Aldi a couple of months ago and I wore my Aldi buff over my head covering my ears that normally feel the cold.
Both to me are worth their weight in gold.
Toasty warm hands as opposed to freezing digits although a bit more stiffer and awkward to use the brakes but worth it and warm ears without an overheating head

My Aldi Ski gloves I think they were about £5

My Aldi buff it cost about £2      well worth the money

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