Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Helmets ?????????

Managed the commute yesterday and stayed on two wheels, my shoulder is sore though.

After Monday nights tumble I have been converted I can remember my head hitting the floor pretty dam hard and at the time I thought thank god I was wearing my helmet, as sometimes I don't.

If I hadn't been wearing my helmet I know it would of been a lot worse, there would of been blood and I would probably been knocked out or at least suffered a lot more pain.

Couple that then with it being 0030 hrs pitch black on a country lane with me lying on the floor possibly unconscious and around the corner comes a boy racer doing 60 mph in his souped up fiesta.......... SPLAT !.

I will now always wear a helmet.

I know there is a debate for and against, and I know that if a articulated HGV decides to drive over you a helmet wont save you , but what I do know that if you hit your head on the ground at around 10 mph it will hurt.

I am not trying to convert anyone but from now on I shall wear one, if you don't that's fine but I AM.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

You never know what will happen next !!!!

How true this is.

I finished work last night at midnight having parked my car in Lymm and cycled to work along the trail. It had been raining yesterday a bit so rather than getting covered in crap I decided to ride back to my car along the road.
Once I get to Altrincham I then have to take some country lanes instead of the trail.

The weather last night is just how I like it for cycling, damp but not raining no wind and not too hot, for some reason when the road is wet but it's not raining I seem to go faster, maybe that's just in my tiny mind but humour me anyway !

Along these country lanes it is very very dark but I have my lights albeit not my bright one anymore but I have sufficient to see with and I can see cars long before they get near me as they light up the road as they approach.

The lanes are wide enough for two cars to pass and there are hedges either side , As I cycled along I was doing around 15 to 16 mph when from out of the hedge darted an animal I would like to say what it was but I just down know, It was possibly a fox or a dog or even a sheep that had just received the news that it had been diagnosed with the Scmallenburg virus but it was going at a fair old rate of knots, It came from my right, right in front of me and left me nowhere to go, my front wheel hit it and went off to the left somewhere and whatever it was disappeared through the hedge on the other side of the road as my bike went rapidly to the left making a lot of scraping and scratching sounds as it did, I as in all these comedy moments kept propelling myself involuntary Arse over Tit  straight over my handlebars landing on both my knees and my right elbow , and as ever you don't just come to a standing stop from 16 mph I then hit my right shoulder on the ground followed by my head ( thank god I had my helmet on or it would of been worse).

Whilst hitting the tarmac is never one of my favourite pastimes especially at 00.30 hrs on a dark country lane I escaped with a few scrapes.
It is spooky sitting there on the road in the pitch black with your lights shining into the air and your rear LED still flashing at the road, your precious bike lying in the gutter thinking to yourself what just happened ?

I picked myself up and cycled the further 5 miles back to my car swearing and cursing at the fact we have to share this planet with mad crazy kamikaze animals.

My scuffed right knee

My scuffed right handlebar
I will live to fight another day

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

As I cycle I have said before I ponder, some of the things I was pondering today other than how expensive cheese is and will I ever win the lottery or who is destined to win the league between Man City and Man Utd ( probably the one with the most money.......... City it is then ) was what title I could give my next post then for some reason into my head popped the title of the film The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Don't ask me why it did but it just did sometimes all sorts pop in there and sometimes it is empty for days on end !
but today I thought that would be a good title.

So I got to thinking what was good and bad for me and came up with the below

1 Well I am reasonably good health with no major ailments other than being a fat knacker
2 I have 4 healthy children ( 2 from my first marriage and 2 from my last marriage)
3 I have a roof over my head and work and can pay my way in life
4 Even though the past year has been pretty crap I now feel in a more positive place than I have done for a good few months and have more better days than shite ones
5 I have my cycling back on track
6 even though my weight has been going up I think ( hope) I have got back into some sort of groove and it is starting to come back down. to assist this I have joined my local Gym and regularly have been feeling the burn on days I don't cycle.

1 I still have some crap days but less crap ones than good ones as above
2 My life is not where I want it to be or ever envisaged it being but that's up to me to change it
3 I have really bad luck with bike lights
4 Red wine isn't free on the national health
5 Cheese is really expensive

And Finally


Well there can only be one thing for this category and its me at 7 am after riding to work

I'm told I have a face for radio and sometimes I can't disagree

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


No not the pop group Busted but my cheap Chinese copy light that I bought back in December.

I used it a couple of times and it just stopped working , It appeared to be the battery so I contacted the seller and after a few emails they sent me out a new battery after charging me £3 postage even though it was broke but they were in China so I didn't object.

Fair enough the new battery arrived after a few days and after 3 days use has now packed in and wont charge.

As the saying goes " You get what you pay for"

Lesson learnt don't buy cheap Chinese shite off Ebay as it's poor quality and a pain in the derriere to return and get you hard earned dosh back


Friday, 10 February 2012

Tempting fate ??

I hope not

I don't often get a visit from the p****ure fairy as I tend to keep good tyre's on my bike and keep them well inflated, that and having pretty wide tyre's anyway tends to keep her away.

But the other morning as I cycled to work in the bitter cold my fingers hadn't warmed up and there was no feeling in them, I got to thinking what would I do if I got a p****ure now I am 3 miles from my car and just over 9 miles from work It's dark and very cold on the trail. I wouldn't be too pleased and would have to just crack on and fix it in the dark or at least have a lengthy walk to somewhere a bit lighter either way by the time I had done that and repaired the p****ure my fingers would be effin freezing. What if I got a puncture in the same place going home around 2.30 am some nights ?

So I have invested some of my hard earned cash £3.49 to be exact on this ......................

hopefully I wont have any need for it soon but you just remove the offending article from your tyre connect this to the valve and fill the tube with foam. At least I can then get home or to work and change the tube at my leisure somewhere warm.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Another commute yesterday 25 miles. Coming home last night popped into the co-op in Lymm just before they shut where the lady serving me obviously noticed i was in my cycling gear and it being minus 5 C outside  asked me if I was "mad" !

Possibly who knows ?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Stig of the dump

That's how I felt when I got to work today, I am on afternoons this week and after a morning of around -3 C this  jolly part of the world warms up ever so slightly around the time I go to work, this is not usually a problem but when you travel along the Transpennine trail what happens is the top 2 inches of the trail turns into a mud type slush type bog and it's like cycling on wet sand

Here's my feet after about a mile

And just for measure here's the other one

Lovely and this is the state of my bike when I got to work

There is a front  derailleur under there somewhere.

This is me when I took my glasses off lol

Anyway 26 miles done today 1 mile further than normal as I opted for the road on the return journey. I couldn't bear any more mud today.

I have just started a new book that gives me no reason to complain about the weather anyway its called " Cycling home from Siberia" the author Rob Lillwall cycled 30,000 miles from Siberia back to the UK in a journey lasting 3 years and I am just reading about him cycling in minus 30 C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN CAMPING OUT IN A TENT OVERNIGHT !!!!!!

I bet he couldn't get up the transpennine trail without getting muddy though.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Journalism my Arse !

This has been put on the Manchester Evening News website written by Andrew Grimes an alleged Journalist.!!!

Well I'm off now on my bike wearing my hideous fluorescent orange spandex suit, laughing merrily as I do as I don't pay "road tax" despite the fact I have a car , I shall set off down the pavement and head for the nearest arterial route and throw myself nilly willy at the wheels of passing juggernauts , and dodge the bicycle police who will obviously be chasing me to put me in jail

I have never read such utter dribble as this alleged piece of journalism
Manchester Evening News and Andrew Grimes you should be ashamed

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Bloody hell I thought yesterday was cold. Today was colder minus 4 C

Buff and Gloves employed again

2nd 25 mile commute of February today, If I carry on like that I will clock up another 8375 miles by the end of the year !!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Buff n Gloves

Well I have been back at work last week and am into week 2, cycling is going OK but food consumption isn't I just don't seem able to get myself back eating properly I think some of it is due to boredom eating as I now live alone I think I am eating for something to do ! Frustrating. and the weight isn't coming down and this morning I was back to 15st 3 lbs. bollox

The weather this last week has thrown everything at me and last Friday was the wettest I think I have ever been on my bike I rode to work for a 4pm start and it was throwing it down not just raining but pouring down, the cars as usual were being driven by Doris and it was dark and as I wear glasses all I ended up being able to see was red tail lights and a foggy misty view I had to revert to riding on the pavement come cycle lane at times as I didn't feel safe on the road, but the surface is really bumpy so I don't usually use it

Today was brass monkey weather and for the first time I wore my Ski-ing gloves that I bought from Aldi a couple of months ago and I wore my Aldi buff over my head covering my ears that normally feel the cold.
Both to me are worth their weight in gold.
Toasty warm hands as opposed to freezing digits although a bit more stiffer and awkward to use the brakes but worth it and warm ears without an overheating head

My Aldi Ski gloves I think they were about £5

My Aldi buff it cost about £2      well worth the money