Friday, 6 January 2012

pondering, meandering and pictures

Well folks yesterday was my birthday and I was 48 years young !!!!!! I wanted to celebrate my birthday with a bike ride but as the wind was gusting around 70 mph I thought I better give it a miss.

So this morning and with me still being off work till mid Jan I got up and went for a ride and what I did was Meander, Ponder over things and took some pictures  (more than I usually take) .
Here are my Meanderings, ponderings and pictures

I have been thinking of getting rid of my Giant as I haven't used it like I intended to as a winter bike as my Whyte is a much nicer bike to ride, And those shiny new road bikes in the shop keep smiling at me so I was thinking when the Whytes paid for in March get rid of the Giant and get a new shiny road bike on the bike to work scheme which would be my 3rd one on this scheme, then I pondered a bit more and thought I now live alone on one wage and have to budget , I am not on the bones of my arse and there is always somebody worse off, but I have to watch the pennies and  at some stage in the future when my house is sold I will have to buy a new house so I NEED to try and save as much as I can ,
Whilst I was pondering I rode over to Stockton Heath
Park your bike near the local cop shop

I had a mooch around the shops and bought a couple of things I needed.
I pondered a bit more and decided I actually like my Giant and It's good for bobbing to the shops on and bobbing around locally on and I don't mind locking it up and leaving it as I only paid £100 for it. I would be pissed off if it got nicked but I would be more pissed if it was my Whyte. So I have decided to keep it for the time being and avoid the temptation of splashing out on that new racing bike ..... They have bloody thin tyres anyway.

I Meandered a bit more and cycled through Thelwall

My bike seems to gravitate towards pubs, I didn't partake though

Thelwall has a couple of nice pubs and is picturesque for all of about 200 yards that I can see

Not many phone boxes left nowadays

I then went towards Latchford locks where runs the River Mersey on its way to Liverpool

You really wouldn't want to fall in though

From there I headed back to Warrington through Latchford where I took this picture of Oliver Cromwells statue he was supposed to of stayed in Warrington at some time ( trust me I am no historian )

This is next to the delightful Bridgefoot roundabout which I am glad is not on my commute


Busy busy

Which is also next to Mr Smiths where they used to film The hitman and her that used to flood our TVs back in the 80's

Mr Smiths

I then cycled past Warringtons town hall Golden gates

The golden gates

and also Warringtons pink eye building, don't ask me why the pink eye is there I have absolutely no idea

And from there I went home passing of course the Chapel house public hostelry  ahhhhhh

My local boozer

And that folks is that.       15 miles

As always click any picture to enlarge

PS. I got a new book for my birthday I will let you know if it's any good when I have read it

And I bought myself a buff from Aldi £2.99 bargain


  1. I love my Buff! I got one for my birthday too but it's the merino wool version. You'll enjoy it.

  2. I wore it yesterday but just round my neck and it was toasty warm. If i wear a hat under my bike helmet in cold weather I get too hot after a couple of miles and have to take it off but my ears get cold. This will hopefully solve that problem. Looking forward to some really cold weather to test it lol

  3. Happy Birthday, I'm 48 in a few weeks too...How time flies!

  4. Cheers Clive it's frightening, I'm still 21 (in my head) and early Happy Birthday wishes to yourself