Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lost ? me, yeah I was !

Still off work ! gotta go back to the Doctors this week to see if he is going to sign me off the sick when my sick note runs out. In any case I have leave booked which takes me to the 22nd Jan so that is the earliest I will be back in work ! I have never had so much time off
Looking back I needed it.  My head before, during Christmas and New Year was somewhat as we say round these parts "shedded".

Work have organised me to see a councillor counsellor not the local government type but the talk to and get things sorted type ( Err isn't that what the first ones supposed to do anyway, but that's another story).

Whilst I am no great believer in lets sit down in a circle and discuss type of interaction I must admit having someone who is totally independent and also a professional in these matters listen to your problems is a help.
They have listened to the problems I have had and suggested common sense ways to deal with them they have also explained to me some things I never saw in my marriage and opened my eyes to several things that I was  getting a raw deal in and never realised but I shall leave that at that otherwise I will be here all day and sound bitter and twisted.
Suffice to say I feel I am moving forward more positively at the moment.

Anyway today's plan was to nip to the shops and back as my ex next door neighbour Dave was coming to see me this afternoon. I cycled over to Stockton Heath which is about 3 miles away rather than just nip to the local shop and set off back. I then decided to take the long way along the canal into Runcorn as I had a couple of hours before Dave was coming over.
Trundeling along the canal I remembered I didn't have a pump with me as my intention was only a short ride and the tyres on my Giant aren't in the best nick at present so not wishing to be 10 miles from home with a flat tyre I decided to jump off the towpath and head for home.

It was pleasant on the Canal

I got off the canal and not having a clue where I was I used my old homing pigeon sense and started to follow the direction I thought I should be going.
I crossed this bridge which was called the Moore Lane Bridge if I remember rightly

Moore Lane Bridge

And suffice to say within about 20 minutes I was completely and utterly lost or in other words I knew where I was I was in Moore Nature Reserve I knew that because a sign told me I was, but I couldn't find my way out for love nor money.

Moore Meadow

Eventually I had to ask a bloke on a bike how to get to Warrington and after he directed me I was back where I knew.

Its good to head off sometimes where you haven't got a clue where you are or where your going for that matter as you always see something new and most likely you will eventually find your way home.
Moore nature reserve is pleasant and I shall head back there on my bike for more exploring on another day.
In the end I ended up doing 18 miles which is only slightly less than I would of done anyway.
And I didn't get a puncture.


  1. I guess you will be heading back if you can find it!There looks to some nice cycling around Warrington. Don't know it that well, other than my so went to Uni there.

  2. That's my problem half the time Robin I'm originally from Hyde about 30 miles away so if I head off away from where I know I get lost.
    But that's how I find new places