Monday, 2 January 2012

It's 2012

As if you didn't already know

For the last probably 3 months I have been on self-destruct when it comes to food and alcohol and have had the lot chips, pies , pizza, crisps, curries, chocolate etc etc etc you get the drift and I dread to think how much beer and  red wine I have gone through !!!

So it really was no surprise to me today when I stepped on the scales and I now weigh 15st 5 lbs (215lbs). SHIT !!! I have put nearly but not quite a stone back on.

It just goes to show that this weight loss thing has to be done as a life changing way of eating , It has been all too easy for me to slip back into my old ways and eat crap ALL of the time, every day without a thought about my weight or health. I have undone a lot of my hard work and looking back I weighed this in late August.2011

On a more positive note though at least now I realise what I have done and will take steps to rectify this previously I just wouldn't of bothered getting on the scales and carried on eating until I was back at 16 1/2 Stone or worse.

So what now ? My first goal of this New Year is to get back under 15 Stone and stay there and never ever be 15 Stone again and that is where I start my New Year from..... Watch this space.

On the cycling front today I kicked off my 2012 mileage with a 22 miler along the Transpennine trail with Rob and Tony over to Liverpool Airport and back it was a nice day cold in the shade though and a headwind on the way there which made for a quick ride back,
I have plans to do a lot of miles (for me anyway) this year which I shall post more on when I have decided what I am doing and when.

Here's a few photo's from today

Rob on the trail racing the freight train to his right

An action shot of Tony tricky this taking a picture behind you while riding photography

Me and Rob

A bridge with Rob being a knob


  1. Happy new year, and hope you have a better one than the last few months.

  2. Cheers Robin Happy NY to you too