Thursday, 12 January 2012

Soup and Cake

I had a trip out with Dave my ex next door neighbour and Tony today once again we headed off along the Transpennine trail. I took my Giant as the mudguards keep me reasonably clean through the puddles.

The Giant Pre ride outside my flat

I did my usual pre ride check :
1 Bike ::: check
2 Me  :::::check
and off we set it was looking a bit dull this morning but eventually turned in to a lovely day it was like spring and the sun came out Dave being tight Scottish and having recently retired so on a pension brought with him a flask of soup !
About 10 miles in we had a quick stop and Dave produced his flask and provided us both with a cup of his sweet potato and chorizo soup all I can say is i will defo be having a go at making it, it was really good and I will put the recipe on here when I do it so you can have a try too it's worth it trust me.

We amazingly found our way too the Lavender Tea Barn (again) where a large coffee and piece of cake was consumed , well it was my birthday last week and I never had any then.

My coffee and walnut cake and Tony's Bakewell tart
After being suitably refreshed we collected our bikes from outside where it would appear even my perfect woman  had managed to fall out with me , I shall say no more for fear of being called sexist.

Women eh !
Instead of heading back along the trail we took the Bridgewater canal towards Lymm which whilst not the best of towpath surfaces was mostly good

A barge 

However Doris was out today in the form of a walker on the canal with a couple of his friends.
I have a bell on my bike to warn pedestrians I am coming I don't rush past people I give it a couple of dings to give them plenty of time to move over or stand still  if they don't hear it I give it a couple more when I get a bit closer .

So here's the scene Doris or Bob whatever his name was out with a couple of dogs and a couple of others who were probably his carers I come along ding my bell at which point he turns around and proclaims to me and his friends  carers " Ah at last a cyclist with common sense with a bell to let people know he is coming" oh ha ha ha chuckled his carers how funny you are Doris  Bob whatever your name is how ever so funny of you, you are such a clever chap or stuff to that effect. All the time he was making this fantastic statement of whit to his onlookers he was stood on the only passable path of the towpath so we all had to stop !!!  KNOB...

Dave (left) & Tony

Anyway once past this idiot we cycled off up to the village of Lymm where I took this picture of Lymm Cross

Lymm Cross with stocks in front 

I took two pictures of Lymm Cross and I missed the Cross off both of them haha

We then picked up the trail back to Warrington and home and just as I got back to Tony's house I felt my back wheel go a bit wobbly on the corner and I had a puncture ! I had my pump today and didn't need it as I made it home

New tyre needed

An enjoyable 28 miles today