Friday, 20 January 2012

Boy can I make excuses

I hate January It has always been my month of excuses when it comes to losing weight and this January has been no exception.

First of all we get Christmas and New Year out of the way and boy was I glad to get rid of them this time around but what happens then in my life just as everybody is starting their new diet regimes and get fit programmes I have the following excuses

1    January 5th my birthday which is usually either a meal out or a take-away with beer and wine and cake

2    January 8th is one of my lads (Joe) birthday with cake usually twice one for his party with his mates and              one for his actual birthday, then a meal out at Nando's

3    Historically as a family we go to Centre Parcs In the Lake District for 5 days which again is usually eating out at night and wine / beer etc

Well this year I stayed in on my birthday but the kids brought cake, I went out last week for my birthday on the pop with some friends
Joe's Birthday was the usual two cake affair and I had both him and Billy for tea but it was calorie loaded Pizza.
Our Centre Parc holiday was slightly different this year with me and Cruella-de-Ville  ( X2B Wifey  said with affection) not being together anymore she drove up Monday with the kids and I caught the train up on Wednesday and we spent the day together and she caught the train back that night and I stayed there with the kids till today and drove back in the car.

So January has been my month of excuses once again.
I have been busy but a right lazy "bar steward"  

  I love the Lake District some of the views are awesome even from the train window at 130 mph

Anyway Joe and Billy had a good time which is what mattered

Here they are tree trekking ( click to enlarge) it don't look too high from the ground but from up there it is trust me I did it 2 years ago and wouldn't do it again

Anyway Monday I am back in work and back to commuting and hopefully get my eating back on track

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