Monday, 23 January 2012

Back at work

Back to work today after 38 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Days off

The commute in today was good, No wind , no rain and no frost perfect

And to top it all work has moved 2 miles nearer to my house whilst I have been off as we have moved office.

25 miles today and got home just before the rain came.

P.S. I have finished my book I got for my birthday, It is well worth the read I am no book critic but if your a cyclist you will find yourself in this book its a humorous look at cycling and all types of cyclists I recommend it.

I am off to find the other book I got for my birthday now, and when I find my crayons I will be able to colour it in too


  1. Cheers Trevor I have just glanced at your website looks good I shall have a proper peruse over the next few days