Monday, 23 January 2012

Back at work

Back to work today after 38 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Days off

The commute in today was good, No wind , no rain and no frost perfect

And to top it all work has moved 2 miles nearer to my house whilst I have been off as we have moved office.

25 miles today and got home just before the rain came.

P.S. I have finished my book I got for my birthday, It is well worth the read I am no book critic but if your a cyclist you will find yourself in this book its a humorous look at cycling and all types of cyclists I recommend it.

I am off to find the other book I got for my birthday now, and when I find my crayons I will be able to colour it in too

Friday, 20 January 2012

Boy can I make excuses

I hate January It has always been my month of excuses when it comes to losing weight and this January has been no exception.

First of all we get Christmas and New Year out of the way and boy was I glad to get rid of them this time around but what happens then in my life just as everybody is starting their new diet regimes and get fit programmes I have the following excuses

1    January 5th my birthday which is usually either a meal out or a take-away with beer and wine and cake

2    January 8th is one of my lads (Joe) birthday with cake usually twice one for his party with his mates and              one for his actual birthday, then a meal out at Nando's

3    Historically as a family we go to Centre Parcs In the Lake District for 5 days which again is usually eating out at night and wine / beer etc

Well this year I stayed in on my birthday but the kids brought cake, I went out last week for my birthday on the pop with some friends
Joe's Birthday was the usual two cake affair and I had both him and Billy for tea but it was calorie loaded Pizza.
Our Centre Parc holiday was slightly different this year with me and Cruella-de-Ville  ( X2B Wifey  said with affection) not being together anymore she drove up Monday with the kids and I caught the train up on Wednesday and we spent the day together and she caught the train back that night and I stayed there with the kids till today and drove back in the car.

So January has been my month of excuses once again.
I have been busy but a right lazy "bar steward"  

  I love the Lake District some of the views are awesome even from the train window at 130 mph

Anyway Joe and Billy had a good time which is what mattered

Here they are tree trekking ( click to enlarge) it don't look too high from the ground but from up there it is trust me I did it 2 years ago and wouldn't do it again

Anyway Monday I am back in work and back to commuting and hopefully get my eating back on track

Monday, 16 January 2012

A non cycling post

Here is the recipe for Daves Chorizo and Sweet potato soup from my last post.

I have made some and it's lurverly

Chorizo              200 g
Sweet potato      800 g
Carrots                2
Onions                 2
Celery sticks        2
Garlic                  2 cloves
Curry powder      1 heaped teaspoon
Chicken stock      I used 2 knorr stock cubes
Water                  about 1.5 to2 litres
Chilli                    1 chopped with or without the seeds depends how hot you like it

Chop the veg after peeling etc and put in a large pan with a slosh of oil ( I used olive oil cos that's what I had)  and begin to soften it on the heat of the hob, chop and add the chorizo sausage the curry powder and break up 2 stock cubes add with the chilli and garlic and fry gently for about 5 mins. Add water to cover or about 1.8 litres bring to the boil and cover and simmer for about 20 mins.
When the veg is soft just blitz it with a blender hey presto its done.

I think mine tastes better than Daves though


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Soup and Cake

I had a trip out with Dave my ex next door neighbour and Tony today once again we headed off along the Transpennine trail. I took my Giant as the mudguards keep me reasonably clean through the puddles.

The Giant Pre ride outside my flat

I did my usual pre ride check :
1 Bike ::: check
2 Me  :::::check
and off we set it was looking a bit dull this morning but eventually turned in to a lovely day it was like spring and the sun came out Dave being tight Scottish and having recently retired so on a pension brought with him a flask of soup !
About 10 miles in we had a quick stop and Dave produced his flask and provided us both with a cup of his sweet potato and chorizo soup all I can say is i will defo be having a go at making it, it was really good and I will put the recipe on here when I do it so you can have a try too it's worth it trust me.

We amazingly found our way too the Lavender Tea Barn (again) where a large coffee and piece of cake was consumed , well it was my birthday last week and I never had any then.

My coffee and walnut cake and Tony's Bakewell tart
After being suitably refreshed we collected our bikes from outside where it would appear even my perfect woman  had managed to fall out with me , I shall say no more for fear of being called sexist.

Women eh !
Instead of heading back along the trail we took the Bridgewater canal towards Lymm which whilst not the best of towpath surfaces was mostly good

A barge 

However Doris was out today in the form of a walker on the canal with a couple of his friends.
I have a bell on my bike to warn pedestrians I am coming I don't rush past people I give it a couple of dings to give them plenty of time to move over or stand still  if they don't hear it I give it a couple more when I get a bit closer .

So here's the scene Doris or Bob whatever his name was out with a couple of dogs and a couple of others who were probably his carers I come along ding my bell at which point he turns around and proclaims to me and his friends  carers " Ah at last a cyclist with common sense with a bell to let people know he is coming" oh ha ha ha chuckled his carers how funny you are Doris  Bob whatever your name is how ever so funny of you, you are such a clever chap or stuff to that effect. All the time he was making this fantastic statement of whit to his onlookers he was stood on the only passable path of the towpath so we all had to stop !!!  KNOB...

Dave (left) & Tony

Anyway once past this idiot we cycled off up to the village of Lymm where I took this picture of Lymm Cross

Lymm Cross with stocks in front 

I took two pictures of Lymm Cross and I missed the Cross off both of them haha

We then picked up the trail back to Warrington and home and just as I got back to Tony's house I felt my back wheel go a bit wobbly on the corner and I had a puncture ! I had my pump today and didn't need it as I made it home

New tyre needed

An enjoyable 28 miles today

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lost ? me, yeah I was !

Still off work ! gotta go back to the Doctors this week to see if he is going to sign me off the sick when my sick note runs out. In any case I have leave booked which takes me to the 22nd Jan so that is the earliest I will be back in work ! I have never had so much time off
Looking back I needed it.  My head before, during Christmas and New Year was somewhat as we say round these parts "shedded".

Work have organised me to see a councillor counsellor not the local government type but the talk to and get things sorted type ( Err isn't that what the first ones supposed to do anyway, but that's another story).

Whilst I am no great believer in lets sit down in a circle and discuss type of interaction I must admit having someone who is totally independent and also a professional in these matters listen to your problems is a help.
They have listened to the problems I have had and suggested common sense ways to deal with them they have also explained to me some things I never saw in my marriage and opened my eyes to several things that I was  getting a raw deal in and never realised but I shall leave that at that otherwise I will be here all day and sound bitter and twisted.
Suffice to say I feel I am moving forward more positively at the moment.

Anyway today's plan was to nip to the shops and back as my ex next door neighbour Dave was coming to see me this afternoon. I cycled over to Stockton Heath which is about 3 miles away rather than just nip to the local shop and set off back. I then decided to take the long way along the canal into Runcorn as I had a couple of hours before Dave was coming over.
Trundeling along the canal I remembered I didn't have a pump with me as my intention was only a short ride and the tyres on my Giant aren't in the best nick at present so not wishing to be 10 miles from home with a flat tyre I decided to jump off the towpath and head for home.

It was pleasant on the Canal

I got off the canal and not having a clue where I was I used my old homing pigeon sense and started to follow the direction I thought I should be going.
I crossed this bridge which was called the Moore Lane Bridge if I remember rightly

Moore Lane Bridge

And suffice to say within about 20 minutes I was completely and utterly lost or in other words I knew where I was I was in Moore Nature Reserve I knew that because a sign told me I was, but I couldn't find my way out for love nor money.

Moore Meadow

Eventually I had to ask a bloke on a bike how to get to Warrington and after he directed me I was back where I knew.

Its good to head off sometimes where you haven't got a clue where you are or where your going for that matter as you always see something new and most likely you will eventually find your way home.
Moore nature reserve is pleasant and I shall head back there on my bike for more exploring on another day.
In the end I ended up doing 18 miles which is only slightly less than I would of done anyway.
And I didn't get a puncture.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday weigh in

It's back heading in the right direction, this morning resulted in 15 st 1 lb (210lbs) that's a 4 lb loss since Monday this week excellent.
I have been back to just eating normal cutting out crap and no booze........ It works

Now to get back to under 15 stone.

No football today for Joe the pitch is waterlogged so this afternoon me Joe and Billy are off to the pictures to watch Alvin and the chipmunks- Chipwrecked ( deep joy !!) Ah well the kids like it which is what matters and then they are staying over at my place.

Have a good weekend

Friday, 6 January 2012

pondering, meandering and pictures

Well folks yesterday was my birthday and I was 48 years young !!!!!! I wanted to celebrate my birthday with a bike ride but as the wind was gusting around 70 mph I thought I better give it a miss.

So this morning and with me still being off work till mid Jan I got up and went for a ride and what I did was Meander, Ponder over things and took some pictures  (more than I usually take) .
Here are my Meanderings, ponderings and pictures

I have been thinking of getting rid of my Giant as I haven't used it like I intended to as a winter bike as my Whyte is a much nicer bike to ride, And those shiny new road bikes in the shop keep smiling at me so I was thinking when the Whytes paid for in March get rid of the Giant and get a new shiny road bike on the bike to work scheme which would be my 3rd one on this scheme, then I pondered a bit more and thought I now live alone on one wage and have to budget , I am not on the bones of my arse and there is always somebody worse off, but I have to watch the pennies and  at some stage in the future when my house is sold I will have to buy a new house so I NEED to try and save as much as I can ,
Whilst I was pondering I rode over to Stockton Heath
Park your bike near the local cop shop

I had a mooch around the shops and bought a couple of things I needed.
I pondered a bit more and decided I actually like my Giant and It's good for bobbing to the shops on and bobbing around locally on and I don't mind locking it up and leaving it as I only paid £100 for it. I would be pissed off if it got nicked but I would be more pissed if it was my Whyte. So I have decided to keep it for the time being and avoid the temptation of splashing out on that new racing bike ..... They have bloody thin tyres anyway.

I Meandered a bit more and cycled through Thelwall

My bike seems to gravitate towards pubs, I didn't partake though

Thelwall has a couple of nice pubs and is picturesque for all of about 200 yards that I can see

Not many phone boxes left nowadays

I then went towards Latchford locks where runs the River Mersey on its way to Liverpool

You really wouldn't want to fall in though

From there I headed back to Warrington through Latchford where I took this picture of Oliver Cromwells statue he was supposed to of stayed in Warrington at some time ( trust me I am no historian )

This is next to the delightful Bridgefoot roundabout which I am glad is not on my commute


Busy busy

Which is also next to Mr Smiths where they used to film The hitman and her that used to flood our TVs back in the 80's

Mr Smiths

I then cycled past Warringtons town hall Golden gates

The golden gates

and also Warringtons pink eye building, don't ask me why the pink eye is there I have absolutely no idea

And from there I went home passing of course the Chapel house public hostelry  ahhhhhh

My local boozer

And that folks is that.       15 miles

As always click any picture to enlarge

PS. I got a new book for my birthday I will let you know if it's any good when I have read it

And I bought myself a buff from Aldi £2.99 bargain

Monday, 2 January 2012

It's 2012

As if you didn't already know

For the last probably 3 months I have been on self-destruct when it comes to food and alcohol and have had the lot chips, pies , pizza, crisps, curries, chocolate etc etc etc you get the drift and I dread to think how much beer and  red wine I have gone through !!!

So it really was no surprise to me today when I stepped on the scales and I now weigh 15st 5 lbs (215lbs). SHIT !!! I have put nearly but not quite a stone back on.

It just goes to show that this weight loss thing has to be done as a life changing way of eating , It has been all too easy for me to slip back into my old ways and eat crap ALL of the time, every day without a thought about my weight or health. I have undone a lot of my hard work and looking back I weighed this in late August.2011

On a more positive note though at least now I realise what I have done and will take steps to rectify this previously I just wouldn't of bothered getting on the scales and carried on eating until I was back at 16 1/2 Stone or worse.

So what now ? My first goal of this New Year is to get back under 15 Stone and stay there and never ever be 15 Stone again and that is where I start my New Year from..... Watch this space.

On the cycling front today I kicked off my 2012 mileage with a 22 miler along the Transpennine trail with Rob and Tony over to Liverpool Airport and back it was a nice day cold in the shade though and a headwind on the way there which made for a quick ride back,
I have plans to do a lot of miles (for me anyway) this year which I shall post more on when I have decided what I am doing and when.

Here's a few photo's from today

Rob on the trail racing the freight train to his right

An action shot of Tony tricky this taking a picture behind you while riding photography

Me and Rob

A bridge with Rob being a knob