Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday weigh in

This week has seen a static on the weight front which after this week will do. at least I haven't put anything on and am the same weight as last week.

Now I have the cycling back up and going I need to focus on what goes in my gob and cut out the booze to once a week.

I have a busy weekend ahead I am picking up my boys in a bit and we are off to football, Joe has a cup match today and as I sit and type I can hear the rain lashing the window so I am looking forward to standing in the rain and wind for an hour or so ha ha. Then its off to my mum and dads with the kids for a bit, hopefully going swimming with the boys this afternoon and they are staying over tonight so we are having home made pizza and they are putting up the Christmas tree for me !
Then tomorrow is Billy's Christmas football party. So a busy weekend

Good job I haven't got a dog

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