Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Out of sync

Yep but my bike isn't out of Sync I am.

 My new life (ha) is taking me some getting used to that with Christmas nearly on top of us I don't know half the time whether I'm coming or going. Work is busy and we are moving office to two miles down the road in Cheadle and they want us out of the old one before Christmas which aint going to happen. My days seems to be spent getting up at stupid o clock and either getting the train to work and cycling home or driving and cycling getting back home around 7 pm then its off to see the kids before they go to bed then back home tidy up have a shower then have some tea and before I know it its 10.30 pm off to bed to do it all again tomorrow.

My weight isn't coming down and its what and when I am eating so I have decided to keep a check on it try and keep it around where I am and in the new year hopefully I can get in more of a routine and take it from there. I am still trying to watch what I eat I am still cycling but with festivities kicking in the alcohol intake has gone up with works Christmas doo's etc and food is being eaten at the wrong times and the wrong type of food             I have a simple equation       BEER = EAT PIZZA.............OR CURRY.........OR CHOCOLATE.

And to top it all I have a cold in fact MAN FLU I think.

Anyway I have bought myself a new Light Its a Chinese copy of a magishine and bloody hell is it bright. Its ace on the trail and lights it up a treat I can actually see where I am going now but I did have 2 complaints off cyclists heading towards me I heard something along the lines of " that fucking light off you twat" or word to that effect so I will have to dim it when I see another light approaching it's not usually a problem around midnight 1 am but apparently it is around 6 pm ???

Anyway a good 28 miles commute today and two days off now I am having a lie in tomorrow ( hopefully)

Here are a couple of pictures of my light

You press a button on the back

And you get this brilliant !


  1. Keep at it. You won't always lose weight.

    As far as the headlight, I have a Dinotte 600L of similar brightness. I run it on low most of the time these days.

    My B&M dyno-powered light is not as bright as the Dinotte, but has a better shaped beam and lights up the road without blinding others. OTOH, it's not as good as lighting up street signs.

  2. Cheers David I will have to re asses my life in the New Year and set some goals and get some sort of direction back Its been a tough year.

    Re the light the picture was taken on flashing mode and yes I think I will either have to run it on low or flashing except when on the trail in the dark when it comes into it's own