Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Off Sick ! Me ?

Recently I have not been riding my bike much I have not been eating right and I have not been losing weight.
I have moved house split with my wife and have been feeling pretty low so much so that on Friday when I was in work I had somewhat of a wobbler and came home saying stuff it all bollox to everything and everyone.

I have been to see the Doctor today and he has signed me off on the sick till the middle of January and given me a sick note. I am not quite sure what to do with a sick note as having nearly reached the age of 48 yrs I have never had one before, but I'm sure I will figure it out.

I feel over the past few months all I have done is feel pissed off and complained which trust me is not like me at all.I am usually pretty much happy go lucky and normally a pretty cheerful kind of chap ( maybe I will put that on match.com ha ha )

During this enforced time off work I am going to evaluate my life and I think try and give myself a huge big kick up the Arse that I need to get myself going again.

But that is starting tomorrow because tonight I have a Chicken Madras with extra Chilli and of interest to fellow blogger David  I have some beer to drink



  1. Yes, beer does interest me. :) I haven't (and may not) written about it yet, but I had entirely too much last night. I was drunker than I've been in years. The ride home on the bike is a barely-remembered blur. I had a moment of panic this morning trying to find my keys and wallet, but they were in the house.

    I also found out today that my divorce is final. I have mixed feelings about all that.

    No drinking today. I'm still recovering from last night.

    I've never heard of the three beers you have there, but I'm willing to give one (or all) a try!

  2. Easier said than done, but just focus on the positives.

    A few beers every now and then is needed to blow out the steam, but don't get into that habit: eating crap, drinking and not exercising will only spiral. Focus on the bike again, or go for a swim in the local pool. You'll feel better for it!

    You'll be grand!

  3. David
    yes we have all done that but I usually stagger home on foot, I don't think I would last 2 minutes around here drunk on a bike before getting mown down by a car.And re the divorce I know how that is when I got my first one I too had mixed feelings I haven't even thought about or talked about the 2nd one yet ! no rush I suppose

    Your right and that is what I have been doing so a good re-assessment is due.